Apartments For Sale In Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Apartments For Sale In Palm Jumeirah Dubai – The one in Palm Jumeirah is about 19 minutes from Dubai Mall, 4 minutes from Palm Jumeirah, 15 minutes from Burj Al Arab and 15 minutes from The Walk JBR.*

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is approximately 27 minutes by car and Al Maktoum International Airport is approximately 37 minutes away.*

Apartments For Sale In Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Apartments For Sale In Palm Jumeirah Dubai

The map below shows the location of The One at Palm Jumeirah and below a summary of nearby attractions, parks, beaches, golf clubs and cinemas.

Five Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jumeirah Dubai Dubai Apartments For Sale

The one in Palm Jumeirah has many schools nearby, including Dubai College 2.1 km and Choweifat International School Dubai 2.2 km.

In terms of performance, six nearby schools have the highest government ratings of Very Good or Excellent, including Dubai College, which is rated Excellent, and GEMS Dubai American Academy, which is also registered. “The best”.

We have partnered with and to review the current Ladies Nights and Brunch offerings near One on Palm Jumeirah.

A mixed-use business park in the media and information technology zone with nearby restaurants, banks, pharmacies and car rentals.

Five Palm Jumeirah Apartments For Sale In Dubai:

Ten apartments and villas cluster around the lake, with the lake on one side and the golf course on the other.

In the heart of Al Sufuh is a small cluster of high-rise buildings and residential towers surrounded by large white buildings.

The largest district in the world of 35 towers that can accommodate 15,000 people in the 1.7 km distance between Dubai Marina and the sea.

Apartments For Sale In Palm Jumeirah Dubai

The 3 km long, crowded Marina is surrounded by 180 residential buildings, hotels, shops, cinemas, restaurants and cafes.

Armani Beach Residences, Luxury Apartments For Sale In Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Projects often go through a series of design revisions as they progress, and developers may or may not respect their original plans when it comes to architectural, landscape, and landscape designs. The images below are provided to compare the original plans with the actual development.

Dubai property sees highest real estate sales to date – Dh260m for 3 units at One at Palm

Dubai property portal displays listings from many local real estate agencies. In addition, we offer a variety of real estate and construction services to help realtors, renters and investors learn about the areas and homes they want to live in or invest in.

Any inquiry submitted in relation to a particular property will go directly to the real estate agency advertising the property and will have no involvement in any transaction. Requests sent directly will be assigned to the most appropriate trust agency for processing the request.

Atlantis The Royal Residences, Palm Jumeirah Dubai Dubai Apartments For Sale

Please note that although we have a large inventory of homes and structures, we are not a property developer, agent, architect or building contractor. Palm Jumeirah is the most sought after property in Dubai for buyers. This luxury island development is home to world-class apartments and luxury villas. Here we present a list of the best homes and neighborhoods to buy Palm Jumeirah property.

Looking to buy a property in Palm Jumeirah? We discuss high-rise buildings and sub-community villas in the area.

Palm Jumeirah is one of the most sought-after addresses in the city, known for its stunning location, stunning buildings and modern amenities. Based on research data, the most popular house or organization to buy apartments in Palm Jumeirah is Shoreline Apartments. Then followed by Marina Residence, Ai Ai, Seven Palms and Golden Mile.

Apartments For Sale In Palm Jumeirah Dubai

If you are looking for an apartment for sale in Palm Jumeirah, you can start your search with these apartments.

Ava By Omniyat At Palm Jumeirah — Apartments For Sale In Dubai

The most popular choice for apartments in Palm Jumeirah is Shoreline Apartments! This complex of 20 central towers extends under the “stud” of Palm Jumeirah and was built by Nakheel Properties.

The Shoreline Apartments have a private beach and are close to the island’s parks and shops. These buildings in Palm Jumeirah also have restaurants and cafes on the ground and offer beautiful views of the sea and the city.

Those looking to buy an apartment in Palm Jumeirah can choose from 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments as well as luxury apartments at Shoreline Apartments. Homes for sale at Shoreline Apartments share amenities such as swimming pools and fully equipped gyms.

Marina Residences, close to Fairmont Palm Residences, has also attracted those who want to buy an apartment in Palm Jumeirah. This high-end apartment building is located near the Nakheel Mall, which has shops, cinemas and various restaurants and cafes.

Luxury Apartment On Palm Jumeirah In , San Miguel De Allende

A complex of six centrally located buildings, Marina Residences offers 1 to 3 bedroom apartments as well as luxury 4 bedroom apartments. The homes for sale at Marina Residence feature beautiful views of the Arabian Gulf and are equipped with amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, playgrounds, saunas and steam rooms.

Seven Palm is also a popular choice among those looking for apartments in Palm Jumeirah. Seven Tides is a free museum with guest houses and apartments. The impressive building features stylish apartments with high-end interiors, new amenities and more.

These apartments for sale in Palm Jumeirah offer luxury amenities including a fully equipped gym, rooftop Olympic pool, landscaped gardens and beach front and secure park down. The unparalleled views of the Arabian Gulf, sandy beaches and the beautiful Dubai Marina skyline are added benefits if you invest in Seven Palms.

Apartments For Sale In Palm Jumeirah Dubai

The apartment complex, Golden Mile is another popular area with apartments for sale in Palm Jumeirah. Spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf and amenities such as round-the-clock security, a swimming pool and an impressive design are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a house in the Golden Mile.

Top 5 Buildings To Buy Apartments In Palm Jumeirah

These apartments have a modern design and are available in 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms and are connected to the Golden Mile Galleria. If you are looking to buy property in Palm Jumeirah, Golden Mile can be a good choice.

Located next to the Nakheel Mall, Oceana is one of the most popular apartments to buy in Palm Jumeirah. 7 towers with a total of 644 units. Residents have private access to 230 meters of sandy beach and Regatta Club membership.

There are seven 13-story buildings boasting members of the Aegean, Pacific, Atlantic, Adriatic, Baltic, Caribbean and Southern Oceans.

In terms of amenities, the complex includes a sauna and steam rooms, a full gym, an outdoor pool with spectacular views of the beach, and a separate pool for children.

The Benefits Of Rent Villas In Palm Jumeirah​ By Royal Properties

Looking for luxury homes for sale in Palm Jumeirah? Signature Villas can be a great choice. The villas are spacious and offer amenities such as a swimming pool, private beach access and more.

Residents of Signature Villas have immediate access to designer shops, fine restaurants, luxury hotels and resorts. By investing in a home for sale at Signature Villas, you can enjoy the opportunity to live in one of the most desirable locations in Dubai. If you are looking to buy property in Palm Jumeirah, Signature Villas should be on your list.

Next is Garden Homes Palm Jumeirah, another great option for investors. Residents of Garden Homes can enjoy many facilities including high-speed internet, security walls, gates, video security, garages, storage, cleaning services, shopping opportunities, bars, restaurants and communal swimming pools. . If you have a furry friend, Garden Homes can be a great choice.

Apartments For Sale In Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Whether you are looking for houses or sub-communities and villas to buy apartments in Palm Jumeirah, due diligence is required.

Apartment For Sale In Palm Jumeirah

Third in our list of villas. The location of the community is excellent as it is less than 20 minutes from Sheikh Zayed Road. Monorail can be used in villages.

Some villas for sale in Crescent offer beach access. In addition, there are excellent facilities nearby and in the buildings. The villas are beautifully designed and the interior design ensures the flow of air and light. If you’re looking for a family rental, Crescent might be a good place to start your search.

Next, we turn our attention to the popular Palm Jumeirah sub-community. You can buy Canal Cove homes that offer spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf. The village has 118 houses divided into six clusters. Each cluster has parking for residents.

In addition to the common gardens, residents of Canal Cove can access a gym, swimming pool and clubhouse. For those looking to buy luxury properties in Palm Jumeirah, Canal Cove can offer the right answers.

For Sale 5 Bedrooms Villa In Garden Homes, Palm Jumeirah , Dubai

Rounding out our list is the Kingdom of Soap. As the name suggests, the villas here offer the beauty of luxury. It occupies 141,500 square meters. Development in Palm Jumeirah. You can find the best properties to buy in Palm Jumeirah, apartments as well as villas.

The best and most popular communities to buy apartments in Palm Jumeirah are located near the mall.

Villas for sale in the Kingdom of Seepa are built on four floors

Apartments For Sale In Palm Jumeirah Dubai

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