Camping On Sebago Lake Maine

Camping On Sebago Lake Maine – Sebago Lake State Park is one of Maine’s premier state parks. It is located on the north shore of Maine’s largest freshwater lake. Just 30 miles from Portland, Sebago Lake covers more than 45 square miles and has 100 miles of shoreline.

The state park is also huge. It occupies 1,400 acres on the north shore of the lake just outside the city of Naples. It has a day-use area for picnicking and swimming, a boat ramp and two camping areas.

Camping On Sebago Lake Maine

Camping On Sebago Lake Maine

I have been camping at Sebago Lake State Park for 5 years. In my opinion, this is the best lakeside campsite I have ever experienced. The park has trails for hiking and mountain biking, but the big draw is the lake. The water is clean, clear, wonderful for swimming, boating or just sitting in the water and enjoying the magnificent views.

Migis Lodge On Sebago Lake Me

The state park has two camping sections. Like most state or national parks, the campground is rustic. There is no camping gear store, so you must bring what you need. Both campgrounds are located in flat wooded areas on Lake Share. Each has toilets and showers. Both have long, pleasant sandy beaches with sandy bottoms free of rocks and debris. The town of Naples is 8 km away and has a grocery store and many restaurants. Also, firewood is only sold outside the park, so you need to buy firewood before entering the park.

The camping section of Naples Beach is the smaller of the two areas. The sites between Naples are well spaced, no RV hookups, but the beach is wide. The Witch Cove section is large, about 2/3 of the sites have water and electric hookups. The places are a bit close together and this causes noise.

The beach section of Naples often attracts shopkeepers due to the lack of connections. The Witch Cove area attracts pop-ups and trailers. Neither zone can accommodate rigs much larger than 30 feet. All sites and roads are gravel. All sites are shaded and equipped with fire rings and tables.

The campsite is very popular with families on camping holidays and with boaters. Most sites can be reserved, but some unreserved sites are for walking tours. Places are in high demand during the summer months. Reservations for next year open at 9:00 a.m. on February 1

Sebago Lake State Park Campground Reviews Updated 2023

Every year. To get a spot for a week in the summer, you must be online by 9:00 a.m. because at 10:00 am most of them are busy.

I love camping at Sebago Lake. Camping in general is a great way to check out our electrified, internet-connected, car-based lifestyles and make the outdoors work. I usually book my stay for more than 10 days so that I can get a good dose of relaxation. I love camping in a forest, especially in late summer when there are no bugs. A sunny day can’t be better than sitting by a lake with a good book and a gentle breeze. Swimming in the lake is fun. It is warm and welcoming. It’s perfect for floating in an inner tube. Babies stay in the water for hours. And it’s so much better than trying to swim in freezing Maine ocean water. In the morning, I love the smell of someone cooking bacon at their campsite. Wood smoke dominates the campsite throughout the day. Cooking and eating outside under the shade of a shade tree is a nice change of pace. And, ending the day with a roaring fire as the air cools is the perfect elixir for a good night’s sleep. All of these things make camping at Sebago Lake great. Opened to the public in 1938, Sebago Lake State Park Camping was one of America’s original five state parks. Nestled in the foothills of the White Mountains, the park’s 1,400 acres of sprawling forest, sandy beaches, vibrant ponds, and deep emerald wetlands inspire wonder and awe. windy river

Dump Station: $20 per unit for daily use customers; Call the state park for availability, including camping fees; where available.

Camping On Sebago Lake Maine

This is a good park for families. The lake is clean and nice, the campsites are nice and flat and clean, the bathrooms and showers are well maintained. Don’t expect peace and quiet as there are lots of campsites and lots of small children running around, playing and having babies. In general, a…

Mainers Can Visit State Parks For Free On Father’s Day

This is the ultimate state park camping experience. Lots of people, lots of kids running around, nice playground and swimming area conveniently close to the campsites. My family had a blast! One thing to keep in mind…there are some very cute skunks walking around at night! they…

What a great place. We were there for three nights after Labor Day. The camp was half full at best. The camps were very tight, but there was no one around us, so we had a lot of privacy. All campsites are within walking distance of the beach and great fun. The best campsites are far away…believe it or not but one of the most satisfying things to do this weekend was looking at other campsites. This park is one of the most visited in the state because of its beautiful setting and lake setting, but at times we had people who looked like the terminal at Logan Airport. At first glance, it was 70% Massachusetts, 20% New York, and 10% Maine. It might just happen in our little cove and we’re by no means saying that’s a bad thing. We try to treat our states as tourists (admirers), so why not wander among them? Also, giving nearby recommendations is fun! The biggest observation, no matter where they came from, was people interacting with people. Maybe it’s because there seem to be big groups camping here and there are families everywhere, but we saw a lot of people sitting around talking. Not just around the campfire; We were both saying how nice it was to see groups playing cards at the picnic table or eating without anything to distract them. It is sad that this behavior is highlighted now. We’re not trying to draw attention to the negative, it’s just a simple, but sweet observation.

Many people were surprised when we told them that we had never camped at Sebago Lake State Park before. We have been to the day use area countless times over the years, Eloise also has several day trips under her belt, but she has never had to camp in this park. We just assumed it was the same; Which is pretty cool, but we live very close by and already spend a lot of time on the lake at our family cottage in Casco. We sailed Sebago Lake many times over the years and even went to college together at St. Joseph’s College on the Lake. But to our surprise the campsite is a different animal. Before, we didn’t know there was a separate entrance to the campsite. Keep right past the day use entrance and drive along the Songo River. We took a boat ride through the Songo Locks, but it was our first time driving over a manual bridge.

The registration process and some family visits were another story. We’ve gone back and forth on this for a few weeks as we discuss what to write, and in the end, we always come out honest. Frankly, the 3-4 interactions we had with park staff on this trip weren’t great. Now there are many reasons why this could be, but at the end of the day, the park staff are often the highlight of our trip, so this was disappointing. It was clear that this worker had to take on a lot here, so we can’t imagine more stress. We won’t single people out or go into detail about small issues, but there was definitely a different vibe here and the tone was different than any of the previous 8 family campsites we’ve stayed at. In the first 24 hours, you realize more and more that this park must be very difficult to manage because of its size, but you probably know your people better and work on this delivery.

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Any minor issues we had were erased the moment we saw our spot, number 5. Even though we weren’t knocking on the door to stay here, we knew we had to be on our computers if we wanted a spot privileged when the second reserve became operational in February. Many people asked how we got this site and told them what we are telling you. Know where you want to go, do your homework on the best places, and then prepare

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