Hybrid Suv Cars For Sale Near Me

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The COE system is one of the most annoying aspects of car ownership in our country. Do not worry that it is only valid for 10 years, the worst thing is that it can change. About a year ago, the price of Cat A COE hovered around the S$58,000 mark. Today it’s better than S$80,000. You have to be a) full or b) willing to buy a new car now. But if you were desperate, Kia’s new Niro Hybrid probably wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Hybrid Suv Cars For Sale Near Me

Hybrid Suv Cars For Sale Near Me

Let’s start with the obvious, with prices starting at S$161,999 (correct at the time of publication), the Niro Hybrid is one of the cheapest cars you can buy right now – especially if you’re in the market for a compact hybrids. SUV. Yes, S$160,000 is considered cheap, it sounds strange to write it, but that’s the world we live in now.

Kia Sorento Hev

And because of hybrids, the cost of driving should be reasonable. Driving the car is a naturally aspirated 1.6-liter inline-4 combined with a 32kW electric motor. Kia claims it will deliver 4L/100km and over a 24 hour and 200km test I managed 4.6L/100km or 21.74km/l – which is not far off Kia’s claim. It was a combination of about 60% highway driving and 40% city driving, and with a heavy right foot.

The car has a surprising amount of low-end grunt. Together, the internal combustion engine and electric motor produce 130 hp and 144 Nm of torque. That might not sound like much, but the Niro Hybrid surprisingly accelerates off the line to around 80km/h or so. It’s zippy around town and far more powerful than the numbers on its website suggest. However, the gas stops after 100km/h so you have to be careful with the high speed controls, especially on NSHW.

It’s amazing how a hybrid drive system switches between an internal combustion engine and an electric car. The engine shuts down automatically and starts smoothly and quietly. The only time you know it works is if you block it and ask it to work properly.

But you don’t buy the Niro Hybrid for performance, you buy it for its looks and performance, and it kind of delivers on that. To be clear, the model I’m driving is the premium SX model (S$176,999) and it justifies its asking price with extras such as a sunroof, large digital display and additional safety features.

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Like most cars these days, the Niro Hybrid eschews analog gauges for a completely digital one. There are two 10.25-inch screens – one for your infotainment and one for the instrument cluster. They are sharp enough, but the colors seem a little washed out.

Kia refers to the twins as showing curves, but they’re just two screens connected by black plastic. Another unfortunate side effect of this is that there are large bezels around the screen, which suggests to me that they could have fitted the car with larger screens.

I spent the first few hours trying to find the infotainment controls only to realize that the control cable under the A/C is flexible. Press the mode button and you can switch between the climate control and infotainment system controls. It’s great, although I worry about what will happen if the line fails one day and you end up in a certain lane.

Hybrid Suv Cars For Sale Near Me

The interior is airy and roomy, and the more expensive SX model I tested has a sunroof – albeit a limited one. Rear legroom is adequate even for tall people and there are rear air conditioning vents and two USB-C charging ports integrated behind the front seats. Speaking of which, the front passengers are well ventilated, which is great on hot days. Surprisingly, the seats and the steering wheel both have heating functions.

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In terms of safety, the SX variant I’m testing not only has the usual lane keep assist and rear collision warning, but it also has cruise control usually found on more expensive cars.

The ride is well thought out. Kia has found a balance between comfort and control. It doesn’t roll over or understeer too badly (something SUVs tend to do) and it’s not so stiff that it’s easy. However, it can be frustrated by difficult paths. And when it comes to styling, I think most people will think the Niro Hybrid is a beautiful car. Indeed, it has sharp lines and modern decorations. The headlights and rear taillights are female.

All in all, it’s hard to fault the Niro Hybrid for what it offers. It drinks fuel like nuns drink wine, has plenty of space and features often found in expensive cars. One could argue that this is a lot of money for a small SUV and most of it goes to a piece of paper that will be worthless in 10 years. These are undeniable facts, but if you have to buy a car now, there are not many options that are smarter than the new Niro Hybrid.

The Kia Niro Hybrid comes in two models: the entry-level EX and the more spacious SX. As I mentioned earlier, the SX version has some extra features. The EX variant is priced at S$161,999 while the SX is S$176,999.

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