Modern Luxury Living Room Ideas

Modern Luxury Living Room Ideas – This room exudes simplicity while being very rich and sophisticated. Soothing grays with contrasting dark woods and copper accents create incredible elegance in this design. The textures of the walls and furniture add a warmth that contributes to the strong atmosphere of this room.

If it is not possible to install these large stone panels in your apartment, then this Camelot wallpaper will be a perfect choice.

Modern Luxury Living Room Ideas

Modern Luxury Living Room Ideas

Across this room you can see the hallway where panel effect wallpaper has been used. Our Akaishi wallpaper texture will look great here.

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Our Ashurst sofa can be made to any size, change the legs, remove the arm. we can do it. Covered in this textured Woburn fabric for a very elegant finish.

This simple Ware coffee table with a bronze base and a faux shagrine top goes well with the fabric texture of the sofa.

This Parisa rug perfectly defines the living space while connecting the colors of the room with its abstract pattern.

Gray can promote peace and balance or help you create a look that stimulates the senses. Here are some tips on how to use gray effectively in your own home.

Living Room Design 2023

These are two ways to hang posters: stick the poster and stick the opposite. Here’s everything you need to know. Want to feel like royalty the moment you walk into your home? There are many ways to express luxury, and in the world of interior design, it’s your choice of high-quality materials and finishes that will set your home apart from the rest.

Complete with lavish details, the concept of modern luxury can offer unparalleled levels of comfort when well executed in partnership with a reliable interior design company in Singapore. From the most beautiful marble floors to cabinet designs that perfectly suit your needs, discover how you can create something spectacular with 96 Interiors.

Luxury is a state of mind, and your interior design can reflect that. Created with the intention of providing a stylish and comfortable space, the key to achieving modern luxury home design will be personalized attention to detail. When it comes to interior design, there are countless features that can be given extra attention to make your home feel more luxurious.

Modern Luxury Living Room Ideas

To help you achieve the look you want for your home, it’s important to seek advice from your trusted interior design company to make your home as unique as you want it to be.

Exquisitely Beautiful Living Room Designs

At 96 Interior, our customers’ satisfaction continues to be our greatest asset. For the ultimate luxury spaces, find out what you can expect from our interior design process here. We’d love to have a chat to learn more about your aesthetic preferences. Based on the floor plan of your HDB, condominium or plot in Singapore, we can work to make the modern luxury home of your dreams a reality.

Contact us today for more details. If you’re not sure what scheme you want, check out the latest French interior design trends, chic minimalist interior design and more with us today.

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Admittedly, the living room and modern aesthetics do not seem like a particularly compatible duo. As Sarah Sargent, principal and co-founder of Cochineal Design points out, just hearing about a modern living room can create a “sterile, austere, one-note” look. But really? Modern living rooms can skillfully bridge the gap between comfort and sophistication. “Modernity has a streamlined tone that balances historic forms with a new sensibility,” explains New York-based designer Augusta Hoffman.

Sarah Barnard Design

In fact, a modern look can mean anything from minimal to medieval, sleek to neutral, chrome to concrete. But where do you start when you want to find your own version of a hipster? “I think the most successful modern spaces find beauty in practicality, using rich materials to temper minimalism,” adds Hoffman. The sergeant agrees. “We believe that mixing time, shades and textures can achieve a current look.” In 2023, says Sargent, the key to getting a modern living room is to “consider environmental, ecological and sustainability factors.” In other words, sourcing locally, working with nearby suppliers, and minimizing climate impact by reusing and buying old pieces will help carry your living room into the new year.

Considering these premises, creating a living space that is firmly rooted in the present while still feeling timeless can seem like a daunting task. To help, we’ve scoured our favorite living rooms from the ELLE DECOR archives to find the stylish spaces that push modernity to its limits. From must-have light fixtures to clever layout ideas, think of the list below as your 2023 design bucket list.

Modern design doesn’t have to be limited to straight angles. In this California resort living space designed by Noz Nozawa, the room’s asymmetry is enhanced by a Casey McCafferty cocktail table that looks like it could come to life at any moment. A curved François Dumas rug further enlivens the room in both tone and texture, encouraging an informal lifestyle that is as refined as it is comfortable.

Modern Luxury Living Room Ideas

Modernity lives in any era. The key to concept is invention. In this Connecticut beach house, Amanda Jesse and Whitney Paris-Lamb looked to the Industrial Revolution to define their definition of modern. The presence of metal and concrete, combined with the brightness of the space, allows earthy and soft tones to prevail in the furniture. It’s the perfect opportunity to work with a carpenter like Jacob May (who designed the dining table on the left) or Palo Samco (who made the dining chairs).

Modern Luxury Living Room Interior

Not every space in a modern home has a unique and distinct use. Sometimes you have to choose a dining room instead of a living room or vice versa. When space is limited, turn unused corners into miniature modern living rooms, as Augusta Hoffman did here in her luxury New York apartment.

Just as the color gray can evoke the silent movies of yesteryear, bold colors and graphic prints can also root you in the present moment. In the living room of a Manhattan townhouse, designer Daniel Colding brought in a royal blue biomorphic sofa and plush armchairs that banish any old, cluttered thoughts.

A huge statement of modernity can take a room on a path of progress. In the living room of a West Hollywood pie, Andre Herrero of Charlap Hyman & Herrero built a double-height steel fireplace with a hidden compartment for the client’s television. Matter gives rise to spaceships and factories, symbols of the modern day. Contemporary art, like Olivia Erlanger’s eyeball sculpture hanging in front of the fireplace, also does its part to keep things fresh. In this setting, choosing antiques can also make sense when balanced with modern elements.

Everyone can make a stylish living room feel warm and welcoming. it just needs a few thoughtful accessories. In this Brooklyn home, Ishka Designs packed the charm with intriguing ceramics and eye-catching artwork. The result? A living room that hits that sweet spot between luxury and livability.

Luxury Living Room Ideas For Your Contemporary Home

Move over, square armchairs and rectangular sofas. furniture with an atypical silhouette is a surefire way to add visual intrigue to bedroom staples. Design duo Ashe Leandro decorated the Park Avenue apartment with a curved armchair from Move Mountains, along with a lamp sofa upholstered in Rose Uniacke wool.

Above. The duo accentuated its 30-foot-high ceiling with two custom pendant lights, drawing the eye upward while creating a bright, airy space.

Want to decorate bare walls, but traditional artwork seems overkill? Consider covering your space with decorative mirrors, just like Jacques Grange did in this Portuguese neighborhood. Not only does this textured arrangement add some character to this spacious room, but the amount of reflective space also helps the light bounce around.

Modern Luxury Living Room Ideas

Repeat after us. a living room with neutral tones can be anything but boring. If you need some convincing, check out this cool space from Cochineal Design. Here, a rich array of light woods, cream boucle upholstery and high-contrast art offer a more subtle take on the palette below.

A Luxury Modern Interior Design

Another way to hit the refresh button on the neutral palette. Add some patterns to the mix. In

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