Parking Lot Sweepers For Sale

Parking Lot Sweepers For Sale – It’s a parking lot sweeper with all the pedals needed to get the job done. At less than 6’6″ tall and with a large 2.4-cubic-yard cargo area, the Model 210 is ready to handle downtown parking lots or the largest parking lots.

When other parking lot sweepers are too large and small yard or backyard sweepers prove inefficient, time-consuming and maintenance-intensive, the Model 210 sweeps you away.

Parking Lot Sweepers For Sale

Parking Lot Sweepers For Sale

Sweepers are designed to truly reflect the culture. When our engineers approach a challenge or need in a vacuum, they work toward a specific solution. For example, all vacuum cleaners use real recovery air. This design provides the simplest and highest efficiency with the lowest downtime compared to other sweep techniques.

Cab Mounted Parking Lot Sweepers

The heavy-duty collection head includes a full-width air blast and suction and is designed to work seamlessly with the air recovery system to pick up a wide range of parking lot debris, from leaves and debris to heavy dirt, sand and rocks. The 210’s durability comes standard with Duo-Skids

The Model 210’s powerful hog compactors lift pallets for disposal into dumpsters or bins located near parking lots and garages. These heavy-duty dump cylinders allow the Model 210 to dump even the heaviest loads. A built-in safety strap is permanently attached to the hopper frame for easy access during routine maintenance.

Left-hand dimension 36″ thick Model 210 poly wafer trench sweeper or optional 32″ thick poly or steel vertical digger trench sweeper removes debris from parking islands, medians and parking lots. By setting a custom slope, you will be able to fall into deep paths or ditches. The innovative gutter sweeper provides superior performance by automatically determining the “push” pressure required for different debris. Therefore, owners can make the most of the life of the broom and the performance of the broom. If the trench sweeper encounters an immovable object, it can retract automatically and return to its original position after the immovable object has been moved, all without operator intervention.

The Model 210 is the only parking lot sweeper on the market with a high-efficiency centrifugal separator that separates fine-grained dust while using less water. Engineers consider many factors when designing a design for better dust control, not just adding more water like other parking lot sweepers. The Model 210 has a water capacity of up to 102.5 gallons and can sweep for hours while maintaining excellent dust control.

Parking Lot Sweeping Scorpion Sweeper Parking Lot Sweeper

Along with superior dust control, the water-saving design allows the Model 210 to pass stringent South Coast Air Quality Management Area (AQMD) 1186 standards for fine dust and PM10 control.

The Model 210 is available with either a 56-hp turbocharged diesel, a Kubota assisted engine, or a 56-hp naturally aspirated gasoline engine with an EDI/Ford assisted engine. The Kubota diesel engine drives all hydraulic functions through a gear pump, while the EDI/Ford gasoline engine uses a belt-driven pump. Both auxiliary motors use a heavy duty belt to drive the fan. A simple aluminum alloy fan that drives a regenerative air system requires only a small amount of horsepower. So engineers designed the Model 210 around a smaller, more fuel-efficient engine.

The Model 210 is the only parking lot sweeper to use a high-speed aluminum alloy sprayer that cleans itself and reduces fuel consumption due to its lightweight design that requires less horsepower.

Parking Lot Sweepers For Sale

The fan is designed to push and pull air in cooperation with the advanced air system to provide higher performance. The Model 210 sprayer is available with an optional rubber coating to provide better wear against abrasive debris.

Used 2014 Isuzu Npr Hd Tymco 210 Parking Lot Street Sweeper Truck In Fontana, Ca

Parking lots and garages have support panels, signs, light poles, trees and much more. A backup camera and an in-cab display allow the driver to see the area behind the Model 210 while supporting to provide additional safety and peace of mind for Model 210 drivers and owners. Additional cameras can also monitor the harvesting of the head and intestines.

Polypropylene-wafer gutter sweepers help remove debris from parking lots, medians, and islands around parking lots.

The sweeper’s tilt adjustment controls in the cab adjust the sweeper’s sweep to the floor sweep. Deep driveways or ditches along parking islands, medians or parking lots are no challenge when the Model 210’s ditch sweepers are equipped with tilt adjustments.

Commonly found in parking lots and garages in trash cans and containers. The 10″ hand tube is 6″ in diameter and has a 36″ aluminum tube. There are 10 additional blades with a quick-release adapter for more flexible cleaning.

Schwarze Updraft Parking Lot Sweeper For Sale

The Noise Reduction Engineering (SRE) package allows the Model 210 to sweep parking lots where only truck engine levels are required. SRE isolates the various sources of noise in sweeps and addresses these areas by removing or redesigning them. Model 210 equipped with SRE has no problem in parking lots and garages near residential areas with noise pollution barriers.

A large 39.5-foot storage box for extra water capacity, access to truck batteries, and easy access to brooms, shovels, brakes, and other tools you’ll need when sweeping parking lots.

Lockable steel storage box with rust-resistant rubber between lock and wiper. Approximately 16.5 cubic feet of storage space, includes a tool holder and a lockable stainless steel handle. The door on the left opens approximately 14-1/2″ wide x 19″ tall. The right side door opens approximately 14-1/2″ wide x 31-1/2″ long.

Parking Lot Sweepers For Sale

A container (84″ wide x 23″ deep) is made of steel to allow temporary transport of trash bags or other items.

Street Cleaning Vehicle 15 Tons Street Sweeper Truck

Every parking lot has sidewalks that need to be cleared. This storage box provides the Model 210 operator with a place to store a spare bag to clear the sidewalk before sweeping the lot.

For maximum durability and resistance to salt spray, all sheets of the hood body and splash screen are made of low-carbon, high-chrome steel. There is also a stainless steel bolt housing, dust separator and drain plug.

A hydraulically actuated and retractable roller assembly provides the assembly head with the ability to sweep large volumes of light debris. Electronically controlled cabin. Top Features at Your Fingertips – All leading brands of vacuum cleaners are available to you at budget friendly prices. Reliability – We guarantee that the sweeper truck you purchase will serve you for many years. Same High Performance – A lightly used sweeper provides the same high performance as a new sweeper.

With over four years of experience designing, manufacturing, selling and repairing brooms, we have what it takes to get the job done right. Many of our employees have been with the company for many years, and our new employees learn from the best.

Road Sweeping Machine & Sweeper Truck Manufacturer

Our service team has over 100 years of experience in sweeping alone. This increases our efficiency and lowers your costs. This and $1 million in inventory means you have less inventory and a faster turn around on your equipment.

Our customers agree that working with us is unlike working with other companies “My husband and I had a great experience at the repair center. Everyone was polite, open and professional! No tricks, no fast talkers…” -Oren, Sutko

It is very clean. Only 27, 149 miles on chassis and 336 hours on auxiliary engine. The rear auxiliary motor was replaced with a new motor in the spring of 2020. All air cylinders were recently replaced. Cummins truck engine SCR replaced late last summer, new Schwarze Supervac Aero truck mounted parking lot sweeper for sale. This vehicle includes a manufacturer’s warranty direct from the factory.

Parking Lot Sweepers For Sale

The Schwarze SuperVac Aero is an attached sweeper that can be used as a parking lot or street sweeper for any .5 ton or larger pickup truck.

Used Elgin Street Sweepers For Sale At Haaker

The SuperVac Aero eliminates the specialized chassis normally required to operate large vacuums. The Aero can be loaded and unloaded from the truck, leaving the vehicle free for other jobs. Plus, for a more convenient and portable option, Super Airline also has a van upgrade.

The Aero easily stores and supports the jacks when not in use, making it an ideal solution for universities, gardens, cleaning contractors and other locations that don’t need a vacuum cleaner.

Dave Bott, vice president of sales for Caliber Equipment. Being with Caliber Equipment for over 20 years has helped us expand our penetration.

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