Social Security Disability Lawyers Michigan

Social Security Disability Lawyers Michigan – If you are unable to work because of a medical condition, personal injury, or long-term disability that is expected to last at least one year, you can get financial assistance from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

The two benefits paid are Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments to all qualified disabled individuals and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments to qualified disabled individuals at lower income levels.

Social Security Disability Lawyers Michigan

Social Security Disability Lawyers Michigan

You can claim Social Security disability payments immediately after you become disabled. The initial application process can take three to five months, depending on how long it takes to receive your medical records and other evidence needed to finalize disability benefits.

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Contact the experienced disability attorneys at Cochran, Kroll, & Associates, P.C. to improve your chances of getting your first disability claim. One of our experienced attorneys can guide you through the entire Social Security legal process to help you win your case.

The federal government has a strict definition of disability. Eligibility for disability benefits must be under the following criteria and types of disability.

If you believe you have a qualifying disability to receive Social Security Disability Insurance or SSI, you can file a disability claim. All applications for SSD benefits are reviewed by disability assessors. An examiner will be assigned to your case, who your attorney can contact during the process.

Based on your medical records, the SSA may award you disability benefits. If you do not visit your doctor regularly and do not have evidence of disability or medical documentation, you may not receive disability benefits.

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In this case, the SSA may ask you to visit a doctor for a consultative examination (CE) to evaluate your mental and physical condition to see if you meet the disability qualifications and how your disability affects your work tasks.

If your disability does not appear to be severe enough to last at least 12 months or if you die, the SSA may deny your application. Only blind SSI applicants are exempt from the age requirement.

You probably won’t qualify for disability benefits if you don’t follow your doctor’s prescribed treatments, such as medications, surgery, and physical therapy. However, the SSA accepts some reasons, such as preventive costs, extreme fear of surgery, or increased risk of life or limb, for not following your treatment plan.

Social Security Disability Lawyers Michigan

Your work history can prove that your condition prevents you from working and that you are covered and contributing to your SSI. Proof of your earnings from your work record can affect the amount of benefits you receive from the SSA.

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Disability law is complex and claims are often denied by disabled people. If your cash benefits are canceled or denied, you must file a disability reconsideration request within 60 days.

The SSA will schedule a hearing before a disability judge. The judge assigned to your case can look at your medical records and decide whether to approve your disability appeal.

If you disagree with the administrative law judge’s initial decision, you can ask the appeals council to review it within 60 days. You can file a civil action in federal district court if you disagree with the Appeals Council’s decision.

For help appealing an initial claim denial, contact the disability appeal attorneys at Cochran, Kroll, & Associates, P.C. Your solicitor can offer legal advice through the appeals process and ensure you get a fair hearing.

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You must submit your medical records and any evidence to the administrative law judge for a hearing. If it is submitted incorrectly, the judge may not consider important information to win your claim.

Eileen Kroll, our senior partner, combines experience in the legal and medical fields as a former registered nurse. As an experienced attorney, he can review your medical records and make a case for your identified disability to increase your chances of success in receiving your disability insurance benefits.

A disability advocate can provide more information about applying for and your rights to Social Security benefits, including continuing through the appeals process. However, they do not have the legal training to represent you in court.

Social Security Disability Lawyers Michigan

The attorney may determine that an attorney is more qualified to represent you at your Social Security disability hearing. Experienced disability attorney at Cochran, Kroll, & Associates, PCC. have the knowledge to prepare the necessary documents at the time of your trial.

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As a disabled worker, you can receive workers’ compensation benefits and Social Security Disability Insurance for the same disability. However, the amount of workers’ compensation affects your Social Security Disability Insurance.

A workers’ compensation offset is based on the total amount you receive from SSDI and workers’ compensation. The total benefits you receive cannot be more than 80% of your current average earnings. Any benefits in this amount will be deducted from your Social Security benefits if it exceeds 80% of your current average earnings.

It is important to note that this offset is taxed just like Social Security disability benefits. A person who settles their case for a lump sum cash settlement can prorate the amount of the payment over their lifetime to avoid penalties.

A social security disability lawyer with extensive experience handling workers’ compensation claims can advise you on the best way to obtain benefits from both workers’ compensation and SSDI. Our social security disability attorneys can arrange workers’ compensation along with your SDDI benefits.

Social Security Disability Lawyers

The experienced disability attorneys at the law offices of Cochran, Kroll, & Associates, P.C. help you with complex aspects of disability law. Years of experience dealing with disability law. We can help you appeal bad decisions and get Social Security Disability or long-term disability benefits.

Our contingent attorney fee means we only get paid if we win your case, so there’s no financial risk to you to begin with. Call our disability law firm today at 1-866-MICH-LAW and schedule your free, no-obligation case review.

Because of Cochran, Kroll & Associates’ extensive experience in personal injury and medical malpractice litigation, we can be invaluable to the success of an appeal because we understand how to present disability evidence and explain why ban on employment.

Social Security Disability Lawyers Michigan

Contact us as soon as you are denied Social Security Disability Benefits or Supplementary Income Benefit and use our expertise to appeal against adverse decisions and get the payments you and your family are entitled to.

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If you believe you are a victim, let Cochran, Kroll & Associates fight for your rights. There is no obligation to review a case and no fee is charged if a revocation is not made.

The Law Offices of Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C. dedicated to representing individuals and families who have suffered catastrophic loss as a result of injuries, disabilities and death. The firm does not represent insurance companies or corporations but instead bases its practice on representing individuals and families.

There is no obligation to review a case and no fee will be charged if a revocation is not made.

Your privacy is important to us. Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C. does not share, sell, rent or trade personally identifiable or confidential information with third parties for any purpose. Contact our Northern Michigan attorneys online, or call (888) 224-1239 for compassionate and prompt service. Miller | Embury PLLC has secured millions in settlements and jury verdicts for our injured clients and can help you recover recoverable damages, including pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and more.

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If you or a loved one is injured or ill and can no longer work, you may think that applying for Social Security Disability benefits is a relatively simple process. Whether you’re applying for the first time or appealing a denied claim, you’ll find that navigating the Social Security system on your own can be difficult. When you hire an experienced disability attorney, not only will your application process be better understood, but your chances of approval will increase. At Miller Embury PLLC, our Traverse City Social Security Disability lawyers are dedicated to helping clients build a stable future after they are no longer able to work. With more than 35 years of combined experience, our company has a track record of success that potential clients can trust.

Contact us online or by phone at (888) 224-1239 for a free consultation with a professional, compassionate staff member. Your welfare is our priority.

There are several programs under the Social Security System, one of which is Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). SSDI pays benefits to individuals and certain members of their families if they are insured, which means they must have worked long enough and paid Social Security taxes. Benefits are paid monthly to people who have been unable to work for at least a year or more, and continue until you are able to work regularly again.

Social Security Disability Lawyers Michigan

Social Security workers who review your application use a rigorous process to determine whether an applicant qualifies as a person with a disability.

Social Security Disability Approval Rates By State In 2022

Although you may feel helpless and out of options when your SSDI application is denied, it is important to know that you are not alone in your situation. Most people who apply for benefits for the first time are rejected, as the application process is very difficult and many self-applicants are not

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