Warehouse Cost Per Square Foot

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Storage costs around the world storage rents continue to rise, but the rate of growth is moderating after the surgery caused by the pandemic. Where does this leave the world league of storage costs?

Warehouse Cost Per Square Foot

Warehouse Cost Per Square Foot

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Co Warehousing Comes To The Industrial Sector

In recent years, many eyes have focused on the storage sector. The rise of e-commerce during the pandemic, followed by a resumption of production and supply of bottles during the recovery, led to an increase in local demand. The total cost of ownership of premium properties, including rents, service charges and taxes, grew by 10.1% in the 12 months to June 2023 in the 52 global markets we track. Rent growth continues to outpace inflation; Prime rents alone increased by 11.8% over the same period.

This annual trend hides the slow but still strong rental growth in the first six months of this year, with total costs increasing by 4.4%, compared to 5.4% recorded in the second half of 2022. It comes as unemployment rates rise from historic levels. at least among weak economies, while more supply enters the market. How does performance differ around the world and what’s next for the sector?

London ranks first in total cost of ownership to maintain a premium at $42 per square foot in prime space (including rent, taxes and service charges). Vacancy rates here have increased but remain below pre-Covid-19 levels as residents seek modern units to achieve efficiency and meet ESG criteria.

Like London, Sydney faces land constraints and vacancy rates are very low, less than 1%. As a result, costs increased by 25.4% in the 12 months to June 2023, taking it to the second place in the highest storage costs worldwide, at $ 27 per square foot.

Warehousing Projects: Construction Costs For Warehousing Increased By 10%: Report

Los Angeles is in third place. In the US, rent growth is moderating as vacancy rates rise from record lows, driven by new construction, but below Covid levels in many markets. Mark Russo, director of industry research for North America, says: “Fundamentals in the United States remain strong; E-commerce growth is increasing and construction spending is up 76% year over year, driven by the semiconductor, electric vehicle and clean energy sectors. “

Other notable movers and shakers include Rotterdam, which rose 8 places to 22nd place as costs rose by 21.1% in a market under pressure from a market that saw increased demand as benefits from access to shores in Europe’s largest port. In Germany, benefiting from a strong manufacturing base, Hamburg rose 9 places to 19, and Düsseldorf rose 7 places to 25 after an increase in costs of 22.3% and 17.6% respectively.

An average growth in the cost of maintaining ownership of 5.3% was observed in Asia Pacific, where, with the exception of Australia, the imbalance between supply and demand is small.

Warehouse Cost Per Square Foot

In China, rents remain stable and the storage market is feeling the effects of slow economic growth and weak consumer sentiment in the face of increased supply. Costs vary widely; Beijing ranks among German cities at $11 per square foot, Chengdu is among the lowest rates here, at less than $5 per square foot.

Cost To Build A Warehouse

The outlook for the region remains positive, especially given the growing e-commerce penetration and offshore trade channels. Such is the case in India, where costs are the lowest of the 52 markets analyzed, at $3 to $4 per square foot. India’s manufacturing sector has seen a significant increase in activity, driven by incentives such as the Integrated Manufacturing Incentive Scheme, which has boosted demand for warehousing.

For a warehouse resident, rents are part of the cost of the image. Labor costs are a large part of operating costs and the tight labor market has continued to drive it. Warehouse workers’ wage costs increased by 7.4% in the 12 months to June 2023 in the 52 markets examined, although the rate of increase slowed in the first half of this year in line with the easing of general inflationary pressures.

The cost of electricity and diesel (to run buildings and fleets of vehicles) is also a factor in storage operations, and varies. Diesel costs are falling, but electricity costs continue to rise.

While the pace of growth may be slowing, high costs are here to stay. That only increases residents’ focus on the best-located and most efficient storage space, supporting future demand for premium storage housing and, in turn, future rent growth. Looking ahead, Kevin Mofid, Director of EMEA Industrial and Logistics Research, said: “The main factor behind the increase in online sales remains, and demand from residents related to production will continue to grow as companies seek to reduce risk in their supply chains.

India’s Warehousing Challenge Set To Get Aggravated By 2020

A policy to promote domestic manufacturing will be another driver of growth. The European share of semiconductor production will need to more than double to meet the targets of the EU Chip Law, for example. If successful, that would equate to up to 10.8 million square meters (116.3 million square feet) of additional logistics demand by 2030.

In the long term, population growth will drive the demand for goods and services and, subsequently, storage needs, not only in developing economies where populations are growing very rapidly, but also in developing countries. Based on research conducted in the United Kingdom, Mofid added that “each new home requires 69 square meters of storage space, which means an additional 224 million square meters of storage space will be needed by 2033 to meet the needs of a growing population.” United Kingdom.

Investment in the global logistics sector in the second quarter of 2023 was almost 10% higher than the equivalent level of the second quarter of 2019. On average, the increase in logistics costs was observed to increase by 9.26 to 10.44 percent. , and an increase from 7.72 to 8.68 percent. in general production in the past two years

Warehouse Cost Per Square Foot

According to Savills India’s latest report titled ‘Construction Cost Guide’, in the first quarter of 2022, Mumbai and Kolkata recorded the highest construction costs – Rs 2,115 per sq ft of Grade A warehouse and Rs 3,295 per sq ft. general area. place of production. This was followed by Pune, which recorded costs of 2,100 and 3,265 per sq ft, respectively.

How To Budget For Warehouse Costs: A Guide

The prices of the most commonly used construction materials are estimated for all cities to arrive at the total value of this report. These include cement, steel, crude oil, copper, glass, wood and other raw materials, as well as workers’ wages.

The increase in construction costs is due to the increase in prices of materials such as crude oil, steel, aluminum, cement, labor, equipment rental costs, and plumbing and maintenance costs. In addition, Covid-19 has caused significant changes in costs, resulting in slightly higher costs and supply chain disruptions. However, compared to its international counterparts, general production in Indian cities is between $453 and $465 per sqm, while Grade A maintenance, is between $291 and $299 per sqm from Q1 2022. .

Srinivas N, Managing Director, Industrial & Logistics, Savills India, says, “With the industrial and warehousing sector being one of the strongest sectors in India, demand for these facilities is expected to remain intact in the long term. We expect construction costs to industrial and maintenance projects to increase by 2022. However, the magnitude of the growth depends on the cost of materials, labor, equipment rental costs, interest and other related costs.

Sumit Rakshit, managing director, project management services, Savills India, says, “In terms of construction cost growth in the overall production, it is between 7.72 and 8.68 percent, while the construction cost of Grade A warehouse has seen an increase between 9.26 and 10.44 percent. from the first quarter of 2020 to the first quarter of 2022 in all cities.

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Mumbai dominates the Indian skyline with a share of 77% Hyderabad, Kolkata and Noida account for eight, seven and five percent of the total skyscrapers Mumbai dominates the Indian skyline with a significant share of about 77 percent of the total.

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Warehouse Cost Per Square Foot

Residential and office transactions at nine-year high Annual residential sales at nine-year high; Office transactions will also increase in 2022. As many as 3,12,666 residential units were sold in India’s eight major markets in 2022, according to records.

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