What To See In Braga

What To See In Braga – Located in northern Portugal, Braga is a vibrant university city with a strong religious heritage and the oldest cathedral in the country. Read on to discover five of the most iconic things to do in Braga, Portugal.

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What To See In Braga

What To See In Braga

Explore the highlights of Braga on a comprehensive half-day tour, perfect for first-timers or those short on time.

Hours In Braga, Portugal

Bom Jesus is one of the most popular places to see in Braga, with plenty to offer for all ages. The view from the top is mesmerizing, the setting is calm, quiet, romantic and family friendly and there are many things to do besides visiting the impressive and beautiful church. There are gardens and caves, a lake with rowing boats, a relaxed terrace and carriage rides so you can discover the area. For a unique experience, use the water powered lift to reach the area where the church is located.

At Bom Jesus there are options for everyone. Hotel do Parque is always a good choice to stay and if you like cocktails you must go to Casa Velha, a bar that takes the art of creating this type of drink very seriously and gives you a unique experience in a rustic space.

Hotel do Parque is located in a 19th century building in the lush natural park of Bom Jesus and among romantic gardens. The recently renovated hotel has a spa, piano bar and modern rooms.

This is the oldest church in the country and its first construction project started even before Portugal became a nation. It is possible to observe the influences of different eras on its walls and the predominantly baroque interior. This is a symbol of the city and is a mark in the lives of the people who live in Braga, thanks to its beauty and historical importance.

Estadio Municipal De Braga

Nearby there are some small chapels and a museum where you can learn more about the Portuguese church, customs and history – one of the pieces you can see in the museum is the cross that was used during the first mass celebrated in -Brazil when the Portuguese arrived.

Melia Braga Hotel & Spa offers first-class 5-star accommodation and has transport links to the city centre. You can enjoy their spa with indoor and outdoor pools, hot tub and sauna.

A Brasileira is the most iconic place when it comes to coffee. After lunch, order a drip coffee and experience the traditional taste of coffee. This cafe is located in the heart of the city, so afterwards you can take a walk around the pedestrian city and discover the streets of Braga, its most delicate gardens and historical buildings.

What To See In Braga

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Things To See In Braga, Portugal

The Biscaínhos Museum opened its doors in 1978 and currently takes us on a journey through the daily life of a noble family in their palace. Visit the gardens – the perfect setting to read a book or go for a romantic walk. Inside you will see the noble ballroom where the family used to organize their receptions and balls and a beautiful ceiling painted by Manuel Furtado. This is the perfect museum to visit if you want to see how a noble family lived.

The Monastery of Tibães is another attraction of Braga; it is more than just a visit to an old monastery, it is a visit to the past, a visit to the present and a desire to return there in the future. It is a bit far from the center of Braga, but worth a visit. The gardens are an ode to Mother Nature, there is even a lake covered with centennial trees and the Rococo church will amaze you, thanks to the 24K gold that covers most of it. And you know what?

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We will be traveling to Portugal next year in July or August and you gave us a great insight into things we can imagine there. The only thing you have to say about Europe is that they know how to build a beautiful church. The Braa Cathedral is much more beautiful and ornate than the Sagrada Famila in Barcelona and many other famous places of worship.

Top Things To Do In Lively Braga, Portugal

Hi, I’m planning a trip to Brag and I’m glad I found so much information on your website. Your pictures are wonderful! Thanks for the tips and recommendations!

Wow that place looks so nice and has a lot of fun things to do. The building is the most beautiful thing in that beautiful place. For my first weekend in Porto, I decided I was stuck enough and it was time to get out of the city for a day trip. Autumn is in the air, but much later than in central Europe, so the days are still warm and sunny, but the beautiful colors are starting to appear around and the leaves are starting to fall. It’s the perfect weather for exploring.

Braga is the largest city in northern Portugal, about an hour northeast of Porto by train. It’s very easy to get to – just a direct train from Porto to either São Bento or Campanhã – and costs €375 each way, making this a really good value day trip.

What To See In Braga

“In Bragata they pray, in Porto they work, in Coimbra they study, in Lisbon they govern and in the Algarve they play.” – An old Portuguese proverb

Sé De Braga: The First Cathedral In Portugal

This seems to be true for Braga as it is home to many religious sites, including perhaps the most important, the beautiful Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte just outside the city, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you’re looking for a great day trip idea from Porto or find yourself in Braga on your next Western European adventure, here are my top picks for things to see in the city:

When you enter the city, you will probably first pass by the Arco da Porta Nova (Arch of the New Gate) which was designed by the architect André Soares – who also designed the City Hall – towards the end of the 18th century .

The construction of this beautiful city building started in 1754 by the architect André Soares but it took more than 100 years to complete and it was not completed until 1865! Today it is the home of the Cmara Municipal, the local government of the city.

The Bom Jesus Sanctuary Of Braga Declared World Heritage

Although you have to pay a fee to enter, the tour from the outside is impressive. When I was here on Sunday I could hear the most beautiful song coming from inside… it was beautiful.

A delightfully colorful garden in the heart of Braga is the perfect place to sit and rest for a while, surrounded by medieval buildings that now house the university and the local library.

This beautiful church is one of the largest in the city and now has the large letters “Braga” on the outside, making it a fun shot to take.

What To See In Braga

Considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Braga and once the home of a wealthy merchant in the 18th century, this intricate architectural building features the famous exterior tiles so often seen in Portugal.

Braga Portugal Itinerary

The crown jewel of Braga is actually not inside the city, but about 6 km away, easily and directly reached by bus. Bom Jesus do Monte is a UNESCO-listed religious shrine perched on a hill with one of the most amazing staircases in the world (according to Arch Digest!) with 577 steps to climb to the top, making for a very idyllic place for a sunny afternoon stroll. . In addition, the church is free to visit!

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The Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte is one of the most important places in Portugal and the perfect illustration of the famous maxim that “Life is a journey, not a destination”. With a history spanning 600 years and a basilica crowning the forested Espinho Mountain near the Portuguese city of Braga, the sanctuary’s most striking feature is its staircase.

The staircase consists of 573 steps, 17 steps and many fountains, allegorical statues, grottoes and friezes. The stairs go up from the bottom of the hill to the basilica above it. It is a baroque vision of granite details, whitewashed walls and perspective

Bom Jesus Do Monte

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