Backyard Mother In Law Suite

Backyard Mother In Law Suite – Your loved ones are getting older, and you’ve been trying to figure out how to open up a conversation about moving them to a place that’s closer and safer. They’re not on the boat and in your house, but you know you want them around. what now

What is an in-law suite anyway? It is (usually) a detached building outside the main house that serves as an independent residence. It is similar to a bungalow or a detached house.

Backyard Mother In Law Suite

Backyard Mother In Law Suite

But why do you need one? Let’s talk about it. Read on for a few reasons why you might want to consider an in-law suite.

What Is A Mother In Law Suite, And Does It Add Property Value?

If your aging loved ones are considering moving into a smaller apartment or senior care facility, they may have some limitations regarding the pros and cons of their new home.

Your loved ones may have other needs at the moment. Some people choose not to live in homes with stairs to avoid falls as they get older. Others require restrooms and walk-in showers and handrails for a safer experience.

You can’t renovate an apartment or room in a condo, but you can build your mother-in-law suite from the ground up. You can create a beautiful place for your loved ones.

So what if your loved ones are planning to move there, but aren’t ready to live there full-time? What if they are not ready to move at all? That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan ahead and build an in-law kit now.

Mother In Law Addition

If your loved ones don’t spend time in their clothes, you can use it for different purposes. It can be a beautiful guest house, art studio or other short-term vacation.

This is the main reason anyone would build an in-law suite. It gives you the opportunity to keep your loved ones close so you can help them (and vice versa).

Many people do not feel comfortable with the idea of ​​living in a big house with their families. They value their individuality and don’t want to be “burdened”.

Backyard Mother In Law Suite

An in-law suite is the perfect middle ground. Seniors can enjoy aging in a safe environment that is private and close to family.

How Much Value Does A Mother In Law Suite Add To Your Home?

The rest of the family can keep their privacy, but gain the peace of mind of knowing that their loved ones are safe and that any grandchild will always have access to their grandparents (which is good for children’s development).

Are you satisfied? An in-law suite is a great addition to any property. You’ll add a separate living space for your loved one (or to enjoy on your own).

Looking for more mother-in-law kit inspiration? See how we turned a garage into an in-law suite starting here!

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Places That Will Pay To Put A Tiny House In Your Backyard

Mother-in-Law is a blog dedicated to providing families with information and resources for in-law planning, planning, in-home senior care and aging in place. Our goal is to help as many people as possible be the best caregivers they can for their aging parents and loved ones.

You’ll also find great articles, helpful resources, and more to help you make the best decisions for your family. When Meredith Stannard, 66, retired earlier this year, her co-workers couldn’t wait to see the tiny house she and her partner Elyse Zandonella, 66, had decided to downsize. “Everybody wanted to know,” he says. “I started doing these happy hours where I have one or two at a time.

Last November, the couple moved from a 1,300-square-foot home on Seattle’s west side to a 613-square-foot home in the backyard of their daughter Drew, 33, and son-in-law Jacob, 37, in Ballard. suburbs. Their tiny house now stands in a dilapidated garage, thought to have once housed Drew’s recording studio.

Backyard Mother In Law Suite

“When I told friends, their reaction was, ‘That’s great, I wish I could do that with my family,’ or ‘Oh my God, you’re crazy, I’d never do that with my parents,'” Drew says. . . “You know if it will work for you and your family.”

Granny Flats Are The Newest Adu Trend

When planning for retirement, Ellis and Meredith agreed that they wanted to eliminate their mortgage so they could live comfortably and travel as much as they wanted. They spend the summer months each year at their home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and the idea of ​​living in an enclosed living space (DADU) in their daughter’s home first came about three years ago when Drew and Jacob bought a house.

The “granny pod” or “mother-in-law cabin” style — homes with large floor plans built in a family member’s backyard, often equipped with features to make aging in place easier — is gaining super-fast momentum, especially among baby boomers. . – Competitive housing markets like Seattle are more likely for their older children to live.

When Drew and Jacob found the 1910 Craftsman they call home, they initially thought the space was too small to add another unit. Then, a few years ago, they came up with the idea of ​​removing the home’s 1960s garage and replacing it with a newly constructed home. This decision was evident in many discussions between individual couples and within the group as a whole. “Drew’s an only child and we’re so close, we’re on our way to one, but we wanted to make sure Jacob was on board,” Meredith explains. “We’re right

Once the decision was made, they turned to Bruce Parker, the architect and owner of Microhouse, after listening to a lecture on aging at a local community center. Parker works for grandma’s pods — he estimates the limited-edition portions for family heads make up about 10 percent of his business — and he’s used to incorporating things like threshold showers, grab bars and hospital-style bathrooms with tiled walls and floors. . (Ellis and Meredith needed none of this, thankfully; they’re both in great shape and plan to stay that way. “We know 90-year-olds who climb stairs,” laughs Meredith.)

Homes With Mother In Law Suites

Because Drew and Jacob’s house represents a specific style, they wanted the two buildings to look like they were “talking to each other.” They found their contractor after posting a message on Nextdoor, a community-based social network; Two different neighbors said they had a good experience with Viking Construction Services.

From May 2016 until that November, Drew and Jacob’s backyard was a construction site, complete with Porta Potty. While Drew checked on the progress every day, Elise and Meredith became fast friends with their contractor, Joe, who followed Bruce’s designs as closely as possible, adding extras like a reclaimed kitchen breakfast bench and extra shelves for Meredith’s cookbooks. . The result is a two-story home that even traditional homeowners would covet (“I wish we traded,” admits Drew) with one bedroom upstairs, two bathrooms (one on each floor), and a kitchen with a 24-inch-wide refrigerator. Stoves and furniture designed for such spaces by Dania and Room and Board.

Of course, the downsizing process has forced Ellis and Meredith to rethink their prized possessions. They sold their home west of Seattle in a matter of days, before briefly moving to the Ballard home, then experiencing something akin to buyer’s remorse, albeit briefly. “We brought 40 boxes in front of the moving company and put them in the living room

Backyard Mother In Law Suite

“she recalls. “You get rid of a lot of things you thought you’d never have,” Ellis says.

This Dallas Mother In Law Suite Gets The Royal Treatment From Archadeck Of Northeast Dallas Southlak

One of the most enjoyable aspects of living in a multi-family compound is the opportunity to enjoy the grandparents. Drew and Jacob are expecting their first child in May, and Drew says he’s excited to have his parents around when the time comes. “This connection is important,” he says.

“I see a lot of Baby Boomers pushing drivers in this area,” Meredith says, referring to Ballard’s demographics, the disparity between couples and families. “They might have to walk to push a stroller and we don’t want to!”

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