Living Room Diy Decor Ideas

Living Room Diy Decor Ideas – It doesn’t matter if you live in a small apartment, a dorm, or a big mansion—everyone has a sad but cheerful blank wall that begs to be decorated. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a solution for this. Blank walls, big or small, are like blank canvases and can be decorated in many ways. Using DIY crafts to decorate your home can instantly raise the style quotient of any space. And now that we’re safe at home, it’s the perfect time to give that empty wall a great makeover!

Below are some DIY ideas from Anjari Ganguly of Daityalo Trunk to give any empty wall a quick makeover and bring life to the space.

Living Room Diy Decor Ideas

Living Room Diy Decor Ideas

An architect by profession, I have always believed in Einstein’s saying “Creativity is intelligence is fun”, so for me “design” is like a fun puzzle that I try until I solve it to my liking. it doesn’t happen

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My decorating style is contemporary with great use of color, patterns and indoor greenery. I believe in reusing and repurposing home decor. I like to use ecological materials like terracotta and bamboo in my decoration. Also, I believe that small budgets and a little effort can create smart corners in your home.

I really like upcycling and am constantly trying to create decorative pieces using vintage finds from flea markets. My love for all things creative led me to start my Instagram page “That Yellow Trunk by Anjari” and create content around home decor. Today, “That Yellow Trunk” has a community of 60,000 and has been featured in several major publications.

If there’s one thing that can make us all sad, it’s old photos. So why not build a memory wall? One of the easiest ways to decorate a wall is to hang several framed pieces of art in different sizes and colors. People are always drawn to a well-designed gallery wall because each frame displays something interesting. A gallery wall can feature framed family photos, themed posters, or even something as inexpensive as gift wrapping paper. Regardless of the design, just make sure the gallery is at eye level. There is no rule about how big a gallery wall should be. If you have a large/long wall, fill it with framed artwork and voila! You have one of the most interesting walls in the world of decoration.

Tip – always use different sizes of reusable frames. This will allow you to change the artwork from time to time

Best Diy Living Room Decor Ideas Diy Projects Craft Ideas & How To’s For Home Decor With Videos

Do you want to unleash your creative side? Feel free to experiment and create wall sculptures using Sharpie pens or basic acrylic paints available at any store. A mural adds a lot of personality to a space and is also a very calming activity. And when it comes to handmade home decor ideas, nothing is easier than a beautiful wall.

Tip – are you afraid that you might damage the wall? Start your creative journey with a small section of wall away from your main living space

Another easy DIY home improvement option for an empty wall is to add a few shelves. Open shelves were a timeless trend for displaying books, plants or even colorful curiosities. Placing the desk just below the shelves perfectly connects the entire wall.

Living Room Diy Decor Ideas

Decorative trends always come back! The concept of two-tone wall painting is a trend that has regained great popularity. If you’re looking for craft ideas to decorate your home, put on your painting gloves and paint that blank wall! The trick is to choose two colors that have different levels. Or choose a light color only for the bottom half and leave the rest of the wall white.

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This is our personal favorite! When it comes to DIY home decor crafts, whimsical gallery walls are a clear winner! Bring out all the random wall-hangable items from the hidden corners of your home. It can be anything like coasters, flat baskets, decorative frames, postcards, fabrics, etc. Make a visually appealing composition of all the matching items and hang it on the wall. Installing a metal mesh trellis and filling it with Polaroid pictures adds a lot of character to your room and also makes for the perfect Instagram selfie spot!

Tip – Another easy way to create quirky wall art is to use an embroidery hoop to stretch and frame colorful fabric. Easy and beautiful!

Who says you have to be an artist to paint a canvas?! Painting on canvas and displaying your art in your living space is a very fulfilling activity, just like gardening. Dedicate a small space to hang what you make. The best way to start your journey of creating your own artwork is to find inspiration on platforms like Pinterest and experiment with inexpensive acrylic paints.

Tip – Start making art on canvas. Canvas panels are much cheaper than canvas stretched on wooden frames

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Since you can’t go outside right now, why not go inside your home instead? Plants are one of the most affordable ways to create interest in a space. They give a natural touch to any room while purifying the air around you. In addition, plants are one of the simplest ideas for decorating a home. Choose indoor plants of different heights and place them in clusters against a blank wall. Colorful planters and planter stands can beautify the space.

Tip – Add a light source by focusing on a group of plants. The shadow of the leaves falling on the blank wall adds drama to the space

Styling an empty wall doesn’t have to be expensive or demanding! The DIY home decor ideas above are so easy that even the most imaginative people can try them! Stay home, take care and keep decorating your place!

Living Room Diy Decor Ideas

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Decorating your home is a wonderful feeling. And what better place to start than where you’ve spent the most time? We might be a little biased here, but we believe that every living room needs a few changes here and there from time to time.

Top 6 Simple Diy Minimalist Living Room Ideas On A Budget

We know that what we see is a big part of how we feel. This also largely applies to interior decoration, especially living rooms. It not only gives new life to your home, but also makes everyday life more colorful and full of life.

But in the midst of decorating, many people go overboard and spend a lot. Enter minimalism. If you are someone who is on a budget but still wants their living room to look different and unique, minimalism is the way to go.

In this article, we will explore some of the most ergonomic and minimalist living room ideas to simplify your life without burning a hole in your pocket.

Living Room Diy Decor Ideas

The first step towards minimalism is reducing your surroundings. This is only possible if you are willing to leave things you don’t really need (or hide them in smart storage – read #4).

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To do this, the first thing you need to do is think about what your essentials are, meaning the things you absolutely need in your living room. Feel free to take your time with him.

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