Seattle Fun Things To Do

Seattle Fun Things To Do – Seattle is a city known for being trendy, modern and unique. For a destination that offers many unique attractions and experiences, Seattle may be the place you’re looking for.

If you’re wondering what to see and do in Seattle, you’ve come to the right place. This article highlights the best things the Emerald City has to offer. Seattle truly is a city that has it all: art galleries, live music, waterfront views, majestic mountains, wine country, microbreweries, tech businesses, and even boats. Check out these five places to see and do in Seattle, WA.

Seattle Fun Things To Do

Seattle Fun Things To Do

Pioneer Square is Seattle’s oldest neighborhood, as the first settlers are believed to have built their homes there. Explore the history of the city to admire the stunning architecture of Smith Tower. Visit the Klondike Gold Rush Museum or take Bill Spidel’s underground tour. Visit the used bookstore at Cafe Allegro or Uptown Espresso.

Best Things To Do In Seattle In 2023

The Space Needle is one of Seattle’s most iconic landmarks. This 605-foot-tall structure was part of the 1962 World’s Fair. Recently renovated, it includes updates such as the Sky Lifts, which consist of glass walls so you can have the illusion of floating in the air, and the Loop, the world’s first rotating floor. .

Seattle’s Big Wheel was built in 2012 and has been a staple of the city’s skyline ever since. At 175 feet tall, this Ferris wheel is located at the end of Pier 57, and you can enjoy three rides in one of the 42 air-conditioned gondolas, taking in stunning views of the city, water, and landscape. mountains

Chihuly Gardens and Glass offers a unique visual experience featuring the glass installations of Northwest glass artist Dale Chihuly. You will be amazed by his outdoor creations that perfectly blend with the plants in the garden. This piece uses the principle of refraction, and viewing it from different angles will surely give you a mesmerizing experience.

If you call yourself a foodie, a stop by Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market is a must. You can enjoy a truly delicious meal at Pike Place Chowder, which serves the best chowder in town. Then head to Lowell and sample the famous Seattle Joe Scramble, made with spinach, mushrooms and sausage. Make a final stop at Seattle’s premier bakery, known for its delicious buns and scones.

Things To Do In Seattle With Kids

Whether you’re a local, visiting for the first time, or revisiting the city because you’re in love, Seattle never ceases to amaze with its many attractions. Don’t forget to include these five fun things to do in your Seattle, WA adventure! As a local resident, I’ve been lucky enough to find unique things to do in Seattle. From naked bike parades to hidden art installations, I’ve seen it all (even if I didn’t want to, ha).

Of course, you can do the usual tourist activities when visiting Seattle. If you want to explore the city like a local and discover unique and off-the-beaten-track attractions, I’m here to help.

Here is my list of unusual experiences and unique things to do in Seattle. I’ll be adding more as I find them, so keep linking to this guide later!

Seattle Fun Things To Do

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Best Things To Do After Dinner In Seattle

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, a walking tour is a great way to spend a fun day exploring Seattle.

| Fremont, Ballard, or Georgetown | the best: tasting the best local food without being like a bunch of tourists

If you want to explore Seattle’s culinary scene like a local, check out my self-guided food tours. They take you to neighborhoods most visitors never visit: Fremont, Ballard, and Georgetown. Each tour has 8-9 stops and 12-14 complimentary stops, so you can customize your itinerary. Plus, they all have restaurant interviews and tips on what to order and do between meals.

Self-drive tours are not only cheaper than professional tours, but you can move at your own pace to cover as many stops as you want. It also gives you access to hidden hotspots that you wouldn’t find on a private group tour because there aren’t food tours that take people to Seattle neighborhoods.

Fun Things To Do In Seattle

Who doesn’t love a super soft doughnut? If you want a hands-on group tour, you might want to try this Donut Walking Tour. It includes several performances where you can try everything from artisanal masterpieces to pocket-sized donut holes. I recommend taking this tour early in the morning to get fresh cake.

When it comes to unique things to do in Seattle, you can’t beat the classic Underground Tour at Pioneer Square. In case you didn’t know, there is a hidden maze of streets beneath Seattle that was built after the Great Fire of 1889.

If you want to step back in time, you can explore the alleys, passageways and hidden rooms that characterize the Emerald City. Your guide will also share interesting (and sometimes scary) stories about Seattle’s early settlers.

Seattle Fun Things To Do

Is it a tourist? Yes. Is it still fun, something everyone should do at least once? Of course!

Things We Love About Seattle

If the Seattle Underground Tour doesn’t give you the hee-jibs, you might want to take the Seattle Terror Haunted History Walking Tour. This is one of the most unique things to do in Seattle, especially if you’re looking for Halloween fun in Seattle.

This unique experience takes you through the eerie history of the Emerald City and takes you through haunted streets, morgues, cemeteries, and theaters. Tickets for this tour always sell out, so you’ll usually get a good deal during the holiday season.

One of the most unique things to do in Seattle is check out our cool art exhibits. We’re an artsy city, so wherever you go, you’re bound to see something unique. But don’t miss these places.

The Fremont Troll is one of the most famous sculptures in Seattle and is located under the Aurora Bridge. It was originally built to prevent anti-social groups from gathering here. But since then, the place has become a genuine tourist attraction.

Fun Family Things To Do In Seattle

You won’t need long here – just enough time to take a few photos! To find it, you’ll want to find Troll Avenue near North and North Aurora Avenue

It may seem a little strange around Fremont, but it’s only 4 minutes from the Fremont Troll to the 16-foot bronze statue of Lenin. The sculpture was created by Bulgarian-born sculptor Emil Venkov. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, American veteran Lewis Carpenter moved to Seattle.

The movement was criticized because it was considered “communist” and did not respect the meaning of the movement. But you can think about this unique monument during your visit.

Seattle Fun Things To Do

No trip to Seattle is complete without visiting the gum wall on Post Alley. As the name suggests, this building is basically a brick wall covered with plaster

Seattle Travel Guide: Vacation + Trip Ideas

Sure, it attracts a bit of tourist attention, but it’s right by Pike Place Market and a fun place to stop for photos. You won’t find anywhere else in the country quite as fun, so don’t add your sticky gray to the mix! Pair it with my free Pike Place Market tour, and then you can take in the sights of the market.

A visit to Hat ‘n’ Boot Park is not only one of the most unique things to do in Seattle, but it might also be my favorite place to take photos in the city. The sculpture was part of a cowboy-themed gas station in the mid-1950s, but was moved to Hat ‘n’ Boot Park (or technically Oxbow Park) in Georgetown for safekeeping. It was so popular in those days that Elvis visited!

Gas Processing Park is an interesting place because it is one of the largest green spaces in the city built around a historic gasification plant. The industrial buildings and stunning waterfront are breathtaking and a perfect spot for a picnic.

If you happen to visit on a clear day, this is one of the best viewpoints in Seattle, as you get beautiful views of the Olympic Mountains and downtown. Oh, and there’s a great children’s playground that you should check out if your kids want to blow off some steam!

Best Things To Do In Seattle With Kids

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