Turkey Hunting Property For Lease

Turkey Hunting Property For Lease – Whether you’re a hunter looking for a hunting lease or a landowner thinking about renting out your land for hunting, there’s one thing you shouldn’t worry about: hunting lease prices. It cannot be avoided. As a hunter, you have a hunting budget that you cannot exceed without jeopardizing your family’s financial well-being. And as a landowner, it’s important to know how much to charge for a hunting license to make sure you’re getting the revenue you’re entitled to. Regardless of which side of the stock market you’re on, it’s important to keep in mind some key factors that affect hunting lease prices across the country.

One of the first things a hunter looks for when looking for a hunting license is where the license is located. After all, having a property a short distance from home often makes hunting easier. However, the higher price tag usually comes in handy. Don’t be surprised to learn that renting land within an hour of a major city is much higher than in remote areas. Many people are willing to pay for this option, so you should be prepared for it.

Turkey Hunting Property For Lease

Turkey Hunting Property For Lease

If the hunting ground is a few hours away from home, it’s worth the trip. In such cases, the location is important. Using Wisconsin as an example, a hunter will travel much farther to hunt deer in Buffalo County than in Wisconsin in the northeast corner of the state. Why? See trophy potential and habitat conditions below.

No Live Auction For 2020 State Lands Hunting Leases

As a landowner, there’s not much you can do to improve your land. It is there and nothing can change it. But doing it the right way will increase your attractiveness. If your hunting property is in a great location, be sure to list the benefits in the property description. But if you are not in a good or comfortable place, try to sell other attributes. Some people look for remote hunting grounds. Or the size and condition of the property may be worth the extra distance. Write it to interested landlords to justify hunting rent.

Bigger is always better, right? At first glance, it seemed so. We all want to look for great properties, but with all the other factors in mind, what’s the most you can afford to spend? One way to do this is whether you want to hunt 300 acres of marginal quality land or 40 acres of really good quality land. They may have the same price. So, when you’re looking at real estate and comparing hunting rental prices, keep in mind the maximum amount you can spend and use the acreage price to determine how much property you can afford.

Depending on where the property is located, the average hunting rental price per acre varies greatly. Some high-quality areas rent small properties at relatively high prices per hectare (eg, 80 hectares for $30-40/ha), while low-quality areas rent larger properties for less (eg, 1,000 hectares for $5-10). /acre). Use several similar rental listings in your area to determine what the price per acre should be, and then decide if the final price of your land is worth it to you.

This category depends on the type of game you are interested in hunting. For example, if you want to hunt waterfowl, the perfect property consists of rice paddies, lakes, ponds, and other water bodies. But if you’re interested in more bucks, a mix of farmland, natural meadows, bogs and trees would be perfect. But again, the better the habitat conditions, the higher the price per acre (assuming you live on the same general land).

Hunting Leases As An Added Enterprise

As a landowner, you can do a lot to influence this category. If you want to get the best hunting rental price possible, take a good look at your property and see what improvements you can make. If it has a lot of mature forest, consider improving tree habitat for wildlife. Thinning or cutting back a portion of it creates better habitat for deer, turkeys, grouse, and other species, as well as putting extra money in your pocket from the cutting and making the property more valuable to tenants. If you grow it now, are you willing to leave some areas where the plant is growing to provide food for wildlife? This is always a bonus in the eyes of the tenant.

If you’re willing to pay for a deer hunting license, you probably don’t mind seeing a few trophies every now and then. In some states (eg, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, etc.), this is almost a requirement to pass. If this matters to you, study Pope and Young or Boone and Crockett records to determine which states and counties have historically produced the most or the most money. Keep in mind that hunting rental prices in these counties can be quite high for relatively small properties, but you really have to pay if you want to play in these areas.

It always helps to have something to prove before you sell, and this is especially true when the place is being sold as a bargain. Be sure to include recent trail camera photos, harvest and shed photos with your listing to show the true deer potential of your property.

Turkey Hunting Property For Lease

While this category really comes down to personal preference, having a place to stay when visiting a hunting lodge is a nice bonus. And if you live far from where the property is located, this is almost a must. Consider how important this is when considering a rental location.

Outdoors: Cheaper Alternatives To Lease Hunting

If you have an old cabin, trailer or caravan on your property that is not being used, consider selling the permit as part of the lease. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to include in your hunting license, but base camp is always a good selling point. As long as there is electricity, water and good access, all is well.

Tenants can sometimes easily forget that they do not own the property. By getting to know the land and hunting it for several seasons, you can feel right at home. But you are only renting it from the owner and you have to respect his wishes. That said, if one of the purposes of the lease is to plant food plots, cut shooting ranges, or otherwise alter the property, you’ll need to find a landowner who can accommodate it.

If you want to allow the tenants to make some structural changes to the land, you can usually increase the price of the hunting lease under the hunting lease. For example, do you allow them to plant food plots, clear trees, or install permanent tower curtains in certain areas? Hunters usually pay more for a little more freedom.

When looking at properties, ask yourself, “What is a fair rental price?” Start asking. The answer is different for every landowner and hunter. Depending on what you value on your hunting license or your personal property, the price will vary.

Hunting Lease Agreement

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Turkey Hunting Property For Lease

Connor is the Marketing Manager at Base Camp Leasing and has been with them for over 5 years. Connor lives in Indiana and enjoys the outdoors like fishing, quad biking, or sitting by the fire. When he’s not working or outdoors, he can be seen cheering on sports teams. One of the most common questions on hunting forums is “How to find a deer hunting area?”.

Tents & Toms: Hunting In The Middle Of Somewhere

The second question is: “How much does deer hunting cost per acre?” This question and my curiosity led me to compile deer hunting leases

Land can be hard to come by so hopefully it will be available. Deer hunting can be very expensive, especially if you are trying to manage your own land. To plant food plots, you need access to a tractor and spend a lot of money on seeds and fertilizers. Standing stands aren’t cheap, and cutting lanes and dropping bars can be backbreaking work. Let me share with you one crazy landowner I had the pleasure of meeting this summer.

I answered a deer hunting rental ad on Craigslist and in 1

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