Beach Houses For Sale In Melbourne Australia

Beach Houses For Sale In Melbourne Australia – With our obsession with property, it’s tempting to think that living in a luxury home must be like Australia’s past.

As many of us have spent much of the past two years in lockdown, there have been a record number of improvements and renovations made to our existing homes.

Beach Houses For Sale In Melbourne Australia

Beach Houses For Sale In Melbourne Australia

Anyone who loves luxury real estate will be well aware of the amenities some homes offer these days, whether it’s a 10-car garage, a master suite with double closets, a chef’s kitchen kitchen, wine cellar, everything smart, living room… Some homes even have their own ballroom.

Unique Double Storey Home Designs Melbourne

While you may not have an extra twenty or thirty million dollars to spend on your ultimate home like some others, it’s still interesting to look at what’s on offer for a lucky few. lucky.

Torquay is no stranger to luxury homes, but this one – which looks like it was pulled straight out of the Hamptons – really stands out.

Designed by renowned architect Stephen Eckhhurst, this is a family home truly like no other. Almost everything in the five bedrooms is one-of-a-kind – from the handcrafted joinery in the walk-in wardrobes, niches and handcrafted wallpaper to the bespoke sound system in the entertainment area. out side.

Other luxury features include an air-conditioned gym with steam room, a home theater with a built-in bar, and a temperature-controlled 900-bottle wine cellar decorated with rustic Italian tiles .

Real Estate, Australia, Qld: Inside Stunning House That Overturned Top Home Of The Year

The Pleasure Perkins-designed home in Melbourne’s northeast takes full advantage of its leafy location, embracing the natural beauty of its outdoor spaces and incorporating plenty of organic materials.

With the luxury included, this home is the perfect choice for those looking for a little more space than the average home in the city. Image: /buy

The four-bedroom home sits on over 2,500 square meters of lush grounds, which can be easily enjoyed through the floor-to-ceiling windows that frame most of the house. The interior walls are made of wet earth, most living and entertainment areas are finished with colored vinyl floors, and various rooms are finished with wood and marble.

Beach Houses For Sale In Melbourne Australia

There are also tons of cool extras, such as full automation and a Sonos sound system, an entertainment deck with a saltwater pool, a spacious locker room in the master suite, and a half basketball court. artificial grass.

Bathing Boxes, Attraction, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia

At first glance, this Max Pritchard-designed house on Yorke Island may look like three separate homes, but it’s actually a single home that oozes luxury.

This unique residence is located along the beach and features multiple living areas connected by wooden walkways and glass corridors offering views of the property and the ocean. The house itself is complete with double glazed walls throughout, multiple entertainment decks, a purpose-built dune buggy track and many ecological features including honey-producing beehives .

By looking at the floor plan of this luxury home, you can see how the three parts fit together. Image: /buy

Just to add to the comfort of home, lucky residents will have multiple ways to get home in style: arrive by boat to the property’s exclusive 1.2-mile beach or land by helicopter on their own helicopter.

Sydney, Melbourne Rent Cost: Price Spike While Other Cities Stall

Is the designer finished yet? An in-room health retreat? A panoramic view of the city from the rooftop? Where do we register?

This South Yarra home has all the amenities expected of a luxury property. Image: /buy

You can probably already tell that this is a home that doesn’t skimp on luxury. Its intense sense of luxury is evident from the looks: with marble and lime oak finishes, Gagneau furnishings, marble with glass ceilings, walk-in wardrobes large main room, BBQ grill and panoramic view with thatched roof. CBD.

Beach Houses For Sale In Melbourne Australia

If you like the idea of ​​pampering yourself whenever you want, you can enjoy the underground wellness retreat with its heated indoor pool and gym/yoga room. But if you prefer to relax outdoors, you can take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool with its own screen.

Melbourne Road, Sorrento, Vic 3943

While most head straight for ocean views, this well-heeled Wambral abode offers something different: a lakeside location and plenty of luxury.

As soon as you set foot in this NSW Central Coast home, you’ll know you’ve entered something truly extraordinary. The house has grand proportions and attractive finishes, making it feel more like a luxury retreat than a four-bedroom family home.

Just adding to the resort-like feel is an outdoor kitchen with BBQ, pool, sauna, spa, championship-sized tennis court and views of the Great Lakes.

However, if you like the beach, this home offers the best of both worlds: you can easily walk there in a few minutes.

Historic Melbourne, Australia, Mansion Is A ‘picture Of ’70s Glamour’

A little piece of history in Melbourne’s east, The Tracks – with its giant dome and beautiful interior – is a real showplace.

Built around 1882, Trix is ​​easily one of the most luxurious homes we’ve ever seen. Much of the property’s original character has been tastefully preserved, from the ornate ceilings and moldings and formal layout to the grand staircase that runs between floors.

Modern updates like oak floors and upgraded kitchens and bathrooms work with rather than go against the home’s heritage, proving that old and new can look great together .

Beach Houses For Sale In Melbourne Australia

Outside, you’ll find a swimming pool, a swimming pool and a championship-sized tennis court, along with stunning grounds spread over 3,500 square metres.

Beach Sunsets In Australia

An absolute architectural masterpiece, this home is an oasis within an oasis. Not only is it located in idyllic Noosa, but it’s also a luxury retreat in itself.

This spacious 5-bedroom house was designed by architect Zarinan Gori, so it’s no surprise that it’s furnished with the best of everything. Finishes and materials (mainly solid wood, stonework and glass) are extremely high quality and the home is full of luxury features such as walk-in closets in the master suite, bathtubs Spacious, wine cellar and nearby swimming pool with a roof.

Plus, it offers both ocean and foliage views, and is just a hop from stunning Sunshine Beach.

Like a country house in the English countryside but located in inner Melbourne, this magnificent rental villa has everything you need – and more.

Real Estate Properties For Sale In Safety Beach, Vic, 3936

The 1940s Turk House is the perfect combination of classic and modern: it features both formal and intimate living spaces, lighted windows, original wood paneling, and a dramatic grand staircase, but the kitchen and bathrooms are tastefully updated to accommodate modern living.

The owners have added a number of other fun features such as a swimming pool, tennis courts, a games room with a bar, and a beautifully landscaped garden. Oh, and it’s fully furnished with equally luxurious interiors.

It may be the oldest house on our list, but it’s no slouch when it comes to luxury. In fact, ‘home’ might even be an understatement – it’s a house of local scale.

Beach Houses For Sale In Melbourne Australia

The elegance of Avon Court is evident from the moment of entry, thanks to the impeccably manicured landscaping in the front garden, the grand circular path and the grand scale of the property. The house has eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms and a garden of up to 4,300 square meters.

A Holiday Lifestyle

Also on the sprawling grounds is a self-contained resort, rooftop terrace with private kitchen, gym and sauna, home theater, 4,000-bottle wine cellar, indoor elevator, two (two! ) swimming pool, a miniature soccer ball. field. field. , a playground and—wait for it—an 18-seat teppanyaki kitchen. Phew! Fairhaven is located in the coastal area of ​​the Surf Coast Shire. Fairhaven is a small coastal town with lots of fun and adventure. Fairhaven is one of the best cities for families to enjoy. To fully enjoy it, you will need a Beach House Fairhaven that is close to the beach so you can go to the beach at any time. Additionally, the house should be close to other shops and cafes so you don’t have to go far to buy essential items like groceries. So here is the best deal for you at Beach House Fairhaven.

Beautiful Beach House Fair Haven is located 500 meters from the beach area and only 1 km from the mini market, very suitable for you and your family. You will get all the amenities inside the house. The house is newly renovated with modern, attractive Vastu designs.

At Beach House Fairhaven, you will get three bedrooms that can accommodate seven guests, two bathrooms connected to the outside of the room, and a balcony facing the sea with colorful flower pots.

A large kitchen with all the necessary amenities such as microwave, refrigerator, kitchenette, dishwasher, BBQ grill, self-cleaning heater and all other amenities such as parking, garden let children play, do laundry, etc. Complimentary high-speed Internet all day is also included.

Dalyellup Beach, Dalyellup

Vasto renovated this beach house in Fairhaven and after renovating the house, it became the perfect place to live for all the guest families. Positive movements in the house are filled with peace and happiness. You can easily connect with our Vaastu

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