How To Decorate My Mantle

How To Decorate My Mantle – Let’s talk fall mantel decorating! One of the first things I do at the start of a new season is decorate my mantle. It sets the tone for the rest of the decor in my home. I have lots of easy ideas for decorating important focal points in your home!

To create the best fall mantel using tried and true interior design concepts broken down into an easy to understand and repeatable process that you can use to create the best fall mantel!

How To Decorate My Mantle

How To Decorate My Mantle

This is a huge post and can almost be used as a mini decorating course. Work through each topic one by one and read all the relevant posts I have and this post will give you tons of decorative know-how and confidence to decorate your fall mantel and more!

Ideas For Decorating A Mantel For Fall

These ideas can be used on any flat surface in your home, such as a table or buffet! You can see below in the post how to use this fall mantel to decorate other areas of your home!

This post is packed with ideas and lots of pictures and different ways to transform a mantel with a few changes. So grab a drink and let’s decorate your fall mantle!

There are a few things to keep in mind when decorating your mantel to help make it seasonal at its best!

This year’s early fall mantle is all about adding fall-inspired branches and lanterns to your living room. I saved the typical autumn decoration for later.

How To Decorate A Mantel Like A Pro

, which in this case means the preset mantle, that is, most of the elements in the mantle remain the same.

Once you’ve made your own mantel, it will make it through Christmas with just a few tweaks and tweaks as the seasons change! In future posts, I’ll show you how to change up your standard mantle for every season and holiday!

Some modified fall decorations come out of the basement to build a standard fall mantle. I found a branch at a local store and found out they are opening worldwide this fall. Then I found a jar of white ginger that had been around for a long time! And I thought it would be the perfect vase for the branch.

How To Decorate My Mantle

Every year I go through my fall stash and get rid of everything! I usually donate or sell things that I no longer want. And every season I buy a few things that add beauty to my home! I try to buy things that work for the seasons and more!

Decorating A Mantel: A How To Guide

So with some effort in the decoration, I came up with what I call the standard mantle for fall!

Be sure to add some fall magic to your mantle this year! There are so many beautiful things that can be used to make a mantel that you can find out!

In August to mid-September, just go to the autumn decoration of the cornice. Later in the season, start adding things like squash and pumpkins.

Below, I used orange candles instead of white in the mantel sconce! A small but interesting change.

Christmas Mantel Ideas

You may like the items on the list to decorate a mantel or flat surface. If you can think of something else, share it in the comments below the article.

Before you put one thing on the mantel, you should consider what you will put on the wall behind it.

The wall behind the fireplace mantel is the main decoration of the property! So, be careful and put it on a big and beautiful wall and it will work in the rest of the house.

How To Decorate My Mantle

On the wall behind the mantel I have a “collect” sign (see here) and a basket of white cigarettes. It is light and has very little visual weight, which makes it unobtrusive. You need to be aware of visual weight when decorating anything, including a fireplace mantel.

Fireplace Mantel Decor For Summer

Whatever you choose to hang on the wall behind the mantel, hang it down and close to the mantel. One mistake home decorators make is hanging things too high on the mantel, which makes them look floating and weird and not part of the look of the mantel. (A little tough love!)

The point is to make the mantel and what hangs as one! If there’s too much space between what you’re hanging on the wall and the mantel, your hanging pieces will look disjointed!

If you think something isn’t quite right with your mantle, it might be! And what an easy fix!

I mention the magic of three so often. This is one of the best ways to create instant beauty and it’s super easy. Collecting these three items creates a very happy synergistic relationship between them and a beautiful marriage!

Fall Mantel Decor Ideas For A Festive Display

Here is the trinity using orange candles. I’m sure you have your favorites, but check out how three simple items can create beauty!

In other words, symmetry is making a decoration on one side, such as a wall or mantel, a table, a fireplace or a bed, so that it looks like a mirror image of something that has been designed on the other side.

I tend to buy things in pairs for this reason. I buy two pillows or candles or lanterns or vases or chairs or similar pictures because I know that they create symmetry in the room with them so it’s easy and it will look great.

How To Decorate My Mantle

Don’t miss this decorating tip my friend… Buy, collect or borrow two of the same thing if you can!

Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas You Will Love!

Symmetry works well on a mantelpiece. I really liked the symmetry in the fall mantle earlier this year. It looks clean and nice.

Just learning these important decorating elements like the Rule of Three and the Beauty of Instant Symmetry will make your fireplace and home look interesting and attractive! And it’s that simple!

Asymmetry is when one side (such as a fireplace mantel) looks slightly different than the other. And they often have some elements in common on both sides.

Can you see what is similar and what is different in the mantelpiece? Isn’t mirror image enough?

Rustic Fireplace Mantel Decor

This difference causes a small decorative voltage! And our eyes immediately catch, because they always try to understand everything around them.

And sometimes a little tension is very good! Our eyes can read a little asymmetry as creative and a little different in a good way! Just remember that little is good. A lot of asymmetry will look confusing and literally make our eyes hurt, decoratively.

Asymmetrical fall mantel decorations are a little harder to pull off and require less effort than symmetrical fall mantel decorations. But it’s worth the effort!

How To Decorate My Mantle

I used the standard fall cornice and modified one side a little differently. The goal for me is to have a balanced and asymmetrical look.

Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas And Expert Tips

Start editing an asymmetric drop cornice by creating a symmetrical cornice and then replacing some items on one side. Aim for a balanced view. The things on each page may be slightly different, but one page is no more difficult to read than another. Again, learning about VISUAL WEIGHT is important!

Try the old scales. When you consider the visual weight of one side of the mantle, it should be close to the visual weight of the other side, making the size even!

Arranging and rearranging your fall decor is the best way to determine what works and what doesn’t.

And here’s another great tip: TAKE PHOTOS WITH YOUR SMARTPHONE! I say that my smartphone is my best assistant! They often tell me things I don’t see myself!

Simple & Cozy Fall Fireplace Decor Ideas

Even mantles require breathing room or negative space. You don’t have to decorate the entire mantle.

I love decorating my mantel with big fall decorations, and that usually means decorating the left and right side of the mantel.

Most of the time I like the less is more approach. You may want to read about the best low-cost decor here.

How To Decorate My Mantle

This is how I decorate the mantel as the fall cools and the pumpkins dot the landscape and the leaves just start to turn rich colors… I add some pumpkins to my symmetrical mantel.

Stylish Christmas Mantel Decor

I used the same standard fall mantle and added three pumpkins to the middle of the mantle. There is still a lot of negative space in this mantel, so it looks clean and attractive.

So when we talk about great fall mantel decor, we want to put things on the mantel at different heights!

And if your decoration is a bit similar, no problem, make a riser with books to help them be higher.

You can check out your favorite decorative risers here and check out How to Paint Book and still read. Books make the best climbers!

Cozy Fall Mantel Decor Ideas You’ll Love

Our eyes read how everything in the room feels! When we see something, we can say, oh, it’s lumpy or smooth or shiny or soft or rough. Changing the texture of autumn mantle decorations is a treat for our eyes!

Here it is very simple

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