Accident Lawyers In Birmingham Alabama

Accident Lawyers In Birmingham Alabama – On the Internet today, most of the time you will come across websites that list or rank these lawyers without any information.

If my spouse or one of my children was injured by a negligent party—and the Phoebe James Law Firm couldn’t handle it—who would I hire to represent them? I would hire one of the attorneys listed below.

Accident Lawyers In Birmingham Alabama

Accident Lawyers In Birmingham Alabama

We hope that you choose to contact us to discuss your case, but if you choose not to hire our law firm for your case, we want to make sure that you Find the right legal representation.

Understanding Alabama’s Contributory Negligence Rule

The following trial lawyers are tough and have the ability to obtain settlements or verdicts in impossible cases, meaning cases without complete facts, disputed liability, or causation issues.

Many famous Alabama attorneys are no longer prosecuting cases and their results are decades old. Lawyers don’t usually discuss cases in TV commercials. The personal injury attorneys on this list are creating items right now.

In my twenties, I was living in Las Vegas and playing high stakes No Limit and CAP No Limit Texas Hold’em. When I think of someone at the plaintiffs’ bar who portrays a high-stakes personal injury lawyer—one who can try a $100 million case and not let the stigma or pressure get to him—it’s Brett Turnbull. He is fearless and has filed huge lawsuits against the biggest finance companies in the country.

Brett is best known for obtaining a $25 million judgment against Nissan in a high-profile brake failure case on behalf of the victim’s family in California. However, if not even more impressive, is a $9 million judgment he obtained in Lee County, Alabama (a very tough place) on behalf of the estate of a young woman who neglected to take birth control pills. After that, he died, which led to the development. Blood clots in his lungs. $9 million in an Alabama medical malpractice case is huge. Such decisions in non-plaintiff-friendly venues separate Brett from the field.

Birmingham Personal Injury Lawyer

Brett is also a pioneer in traumatic brain injury cases. His work in this area has brought new understanding to what is often a misunderstood, misdiagnosed and misdiagnosed injury.

Andrew Mock is one of Alabama’s premier attorneys. If the plaintiffs’ bar were polled to rank the best trial lawyers in Alabama, I wouldn’t be surprised if Andrew was number one. What puts Andrew on Alabama’s Mount Rushmore is his expertise in critical decisions and “injury” cases. to them It’s one thing to pick the most “best” cases in good places; However, it takes a lot of skill to get record decisions like Andrew’s in difficult places with incomplete cases.

In a recent case in Morgan County, Alabama, a very difficult place, Andrew won a staggering $25 million verdict in a liability case against an individual defendant. The defendant’s insurance company denied the claim because Andrew’s client was driving the wrong way down the street at night while wearing dark clothing. Andrew smartly pursued the case on negligence (negligence), which rejected the defendant’s “contributory negligence” defense.

Accident Lawyers In Birmingham Alabama

Andrew and Brett Turnbull recently received a $15 million jury verdict on behalf of the estate of a foster child who died after the child died when the child was not properly administered medication prescribed by the foster parents and DHS. . The case was filed in 2015 and is riddled with legal issues (eg immunity) and “injuries” as we call them. Andrew and Brett were successful and got their client an incredible verdict. Andrew should be the lawyer of the year after this result.

Great Personal Injury Lawyers In Alabama, Usa

I have never met Kendall Dunson in person, but based on her reputation, I would not hesitate to retain her to represent a family member in a wrongful death or catastrophic injury case. Kendall’s track record in auto product liability cases speaks for itself and rivals any trial attorney in the country.

Kendall, in particular, has won multiple jury verdicts in high-stakes rollover and bad design cases. In June 2023, Kendall and his team at Beasley Allen won an $8.5 million judgment against Nissan in Mobile County, Alabama. In that case, a defective airbag caused the plaintiff total blindness in one eye and permanent damage to the other eye.

Kendall Beasley was also part of the Allen trial team that won a $152 million verdict against Ford in 2019 on behalf of a client who was paralyzed after a negligently operated vehicle rolled over. The bottom line is that Kendall is one of the best product liability attorneys in the country, let alone Alabama.

I have worked with Nate on a number of cases and have always found him to be a high quality professional and a skilled attorney. We are currently handling a securities fraud case in Houston County, Alabama on behalf of retirees who were robbed of their life savings.

How To Read A Crash Report

I think Nate is one of the best personal injury attorneys in Birmingham because he handles many types of plaintiffs’ cases (eg, car accident, truck accident, defective drug or device, fraud, medical malpractice) although most cases . the case Difficult and anti-complaint places.

He is also one of the few medical malpractice attorneys in Alabama. Most plaintiff firms in Alabama do not handle medical malpractice cases because Alabama law makes it virtually impossible for a law firm to profitably represent clients in medical malpractice cases. While most people don’t care about the profitability of a law firm, the fact is that when a law firm cannot afford to handle a certain type of case, that type of case goes away. This happened a lot with medical malpractice cases in Alabama, but that didn’t stop Nate. I have the utmost respect for Nate and consider him a mentor.

Drew Ashby is based in the Atlanta area, but deserves to be on any list of top lawyers. Drew is probably the best product liability attorney in the country. He is the only plaintiff attorney to have seven, eight, and nine-figure verdicts before the age of forty.

Accident Lawyers In Birmingham Alabama

The defective product cases he takes are difficult, expensive, highly technical and take years to complete. Very few lawyers have the courage, intelligence and tenacity to try defective product cases like Drew.

Car Accident Attorneys

Take, for example, a recent decision in which Drew won a $200 million judgment on behalf of a family who lost their son due to a faulty Malibu boat design. Malibu mocked Drew and his client and refused to take responsibility for their negligence by paying a fair settlement.

Although Darro offered several opportunities to settle Malibu, Malibu refused to do so. Drew and his team tried the case and settled Malibu’s teeth for $200 million. Now that’s the decision! Follow Drew Ashby because he’s a super talented attorney and he’s just getting started.

Phoebe James earned a bachelor’s degree in software engineering from Auburn University and then went on to earn her J.D. from Vanderbilt University School of Law. After working for a large regional firm for several years, where she won awards for both individual and corporate clients, Phoebe discovered that her passion was fighting for those who had been seriously injured or wronged by others. . Fobb believes that the jury is the great equalizer of power and influence that large corporations have in society. If another person’s negligence has injured you, you will want to focus on getting justice and compensation for your damages. Our experienced personal injury attorneys will work hard to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation available to help you recover.

When you trust us with your case, we treat it as important as you. We’ll investigate what happened to you, gather evidence to support your claim, and fight until you get the best financial recovery available, whether it’s a settlement or a jury verdict.

Birmingham, Al Legal Malpractice Lawyer

We’ll take your case on the path that’s best for you, and we won’t settle your case for less than it’s worth. If your best outcome is to take your case to trial, then that is what we will do.

We use ‘contingency fees’, which means you don’t have to pay any fees upfront and we’ll only pay if you’re compensated.

Our firm has relationships with many attorneys in Alabama and the Southeast United States. We welcome the opportunity to work with other attorneys and other firms when assisting us in a case.

Accident Lawyers In Birmingham Alabama

Faith can be an important source of comfort when you have experienced a devastating injury and are struggling to recover. We present to you a collection of scriptures that can guide you through this difficult chapter of your life.

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At Belt, Brunner & Barnett, PC, we have more than 80 years of collective experience in personnel management.

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