Ideas For Christmas Tree Decor

Ideas For Christmas Tree Decor – You’ve found the perfect Christmas tree, whether it’s real or artificial, now it’s time to decorate. Gather your cherished DIY ornaments, gorgeous garland, and your favorite tree topper to start brainstorming creative tree themes for the year. You can decide to keep it simple and choose a design that perfectly complements the style of your modern home, or you can plan for a minimalist display that will become the centerpiece of your living room. No matter where you land, we’ve rounded up some beautiful Christmas tree ideas that will bring the festive spirit to your home.

As you scroll, you’ll find ways to decorate your Christmas tree to suit any style and space, including plenty of inspiration for small Christmas trees (think: tabletop displays). We offer a wide range of classic Christmas tree themes such as red and green, green and gold, white and silver or black and white, all paired with beautiful twinkling lights. If you like a unique style, we also have less traditional ideas that your children will love, such as a pink Christmas tree decorated with balloons and a white tree decorated with candies.

Ideas For Christmas Tree Decor

Ideas For Christmas Tree Decor

You’ll also find lots of clever ideas, including tinsel, ribbons and faux snow, and it turns out that not all Christmas trees need decorations to look fancy. Rest assured that these holiday decorating ideas will work great whether you have a real Christmas tree or buy one of the best faux trees available (opt for a realistic style and no one will know the difference).

Red And White Christmas Tree, Plus Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Pair large white snowflake ornaments with glass baubles in various shades of pink and turquoise. Finish with glittery paper mache stars to add glamour.

For a unique look, replace traditional garlands with vertical ribbons. If you’re decorating with a faux tree, try replacing the tree skirt with plush blankets and pillows.

This cascading blue ribbon mimics a waterfall and becomes the focal point of a classic Christmas tree. Use any color ribbon and you can skip the decorations this year if you’re recreating this look.

This snowy Christmas tree is full of textures, from frosted mesh ribbon to a mix of frosted, tinsel and sparkling ornaments.

Decorate An Elegant White And Gold Christmas Tree: Ideas & Inspiration

If you don’t want to open up your ornament collection this year, just cover your tree with tinsel. Anastasia Casey of IDCO Studio used strings of warm white lights to add brightness.

Kids will have fun swapping out traditional decorations for little balloons – they can even help blow them up. Keep in mind that this look won’t last all season and is best used as a last minute party trick.

You can’t go wrong with the elegant gold and white display. Choose small warm white lamps and mix heirloom and classic jewelery with lots of decorative accents.

Ideas For Christmas Tree Decor

Let your kids have a say in the theme of this year’s tree by decorating it with their favorite holiday character, the Nutcracker. To add a little cheer, add a rainbow garland.

Cozy Cottage Christmas Decor

If you have an old artificial Christmas tree lying around, it is very easy to cover it with artificial snow. Add the finishing touches to your snowflake display with gold jewelry and a pretty star.

Whether real or fake, a small Christmas tree looks cozy and charming wrapped in a sheepskin blanket and placed in a wicker basket. This minimalist look requires no frills.

From nostalgic decorations to tinsel and gold star overlays, you can’t go wrong with a traditional Christmas tree that will fill your space with festive cheer.

Lauren Sullivan of Well x Design incorporated lots of neutrals, pine cones, and plaid accents for an organic feel. Then add a braided tree collar and a neutral ribbon thread.

Best Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas, Picked By Editors

Create a grand holiday display with a tall, snowy Christmas tree adorned with warm white lights and elegant jewels. Skip the tree tops and let a variety of decorations, large and small, take center stage.

If you take the time to find the perfect Christmas tree, you don’t need to cover every branch with decorations. Choose some vintage-style string lights and simple decorations to let the natural beauty shine.

All you need to recreate this natural look is a garland of dried oranges, faux cranberries and pom poms. Don’t forget the straw basket instead of the wooden skirt.

Ideas For Christmas Tree Decor

If you’re in a happy mood, you can choose a colorful candy theme. Start with a white faux Christmas tree and fill it with DIY candy cane ornaments, bright ornaments, and clear ornaments filled with small toys and candies. Complete the look with a rainbow garland of pom poms and a straw tree top.

Hydrangea & Homemade Christmas Tree

Got some festive ribbon left over after wrapping the gift? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it to add personality to your tree.

Fill your tree with red and burgundy gems, classic beaded garland and chunky snowflake ribbons to give your home a cozy, warm feel.

If you prefer to stick to more traditional decorations, why not use your tree stand creatively? You only need a few materials to recreate this simple wooden collar. Just use the cardboard box as a guide when applying.

Show your love for minimalist decor with a tree decorated with colorful ornaments, blue ribbons and lots of warm lights.

Christmas Decorating Ideas When You Have No Space For A Tree

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Ideas For Christmas Tree Decor

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The Gift Of Christmas Decor

Are you ready to make a difference this holiday season? Whether you’re looking to try a new Christmas tree theme or just looking for new ways to use your existing decorations, our pro-level decorating tips and tricks can help. Find clever hanging decoration ideas, new ways to use ribbon, treetop inspiration, and how to incorporate unexpected items (like a gingerbread house!) into your Christmas tree design. Take apart a real or fake tree (bonus points if it’s stacked), collect the brightest decorations, and read on to learn how to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro.

First things first: get the whole family involved in the decorating fun and create holiday memories that will last a lifetime. Here, the large tree provides plenty of decorating space for every member of star Luke Caldwell’s extended family. Click the link below to see how he decorates his home for the holidays.

Pro tip: Combine ribbon with thread or trim in complementary colors and contrasting textures. For example, pair a cream wool pom pom with gray velvet ribbon, then use zip ties or pipe cleaners to secure the ribbon and ornaments together before attaching them to the branches. Get more pro tips and replicate this look with decorating tips from our top designers below.

Two trees are better than one, right? To make a statement in Dream Home 2021’s huge living room, two oversized floriated trees create a snow-white base for the decorations, allowing them to shine. Designer Brian Patrick Flynn incorporated red, white, and blue ball decorations of various shapes, sizes, and textures into both trees, sometimes broken up by snowballs, mini log cabins, or curly flower sticks that are monotonous.

Stunning Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Holiday design expert Brad Schmidt decorated this wintry and whimsical Christmas tree with soft blush, gold and ivory ornaments from Balsam Hill. “The pastel shades of the Winter Wish Ornament Set not only look great on a tree, but also as a centerpiece,” he says. “Place ornaments in clear cylinders or bowls of various sizes to add beautiful accents to your interior. Battery-operated miniature lights are a fun way to illuminate your creations. Every item on this page has been selected by the editors of Pioneer Woman. We may earn a commission on some of the items you choose. to buy.

Who’s ready to trim their tree? Whether you’re like Ree Drummond, who insists on putting up the tree in the second week of December, or like her daughter, Alex, who starts decorating in November, now is the time to let those tree decorations shine. When it comes to decorating, Ree is a big fan of whimsical and rustic Christmas decor. That includes the trees at her store, The Mercantile, which she decorates each year with warm twinkling lights, cozy glass ornaments and unique decorations like football helmets and cowboy boots. “I like them because they’re not shiny — no gold tinsel here,” Ray said of the trees.

Merc’s holiday decorations are dreamy. But these Christmas decorations also have a little extra fun. If you don’t have a Christmas tree yet, you can start with a brush of different types of real Christmas trees or look for the best artificial trees.

Ideas For Christmas Tree Decor

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