Ideas For Storing Christmas Decorations

Ideas For Storing Christmas Decorations – Christmas should live in our hearts all year; he cannot live in our house 24/24. Eventually the day comes when we have to take it all down. Pack it all up and store it for another year. And this may seem like a monumental task.

All the Christmas decorations, holiday garlands, lights, Christmas wreaths, garlands, trees and other decorative touches that make our home so cozy and welcoming during the holidays can turn into a nightmare when the holiday season is over. I started our big clear out the other day, and while I’m keeping some of the more neutral winter items, most of the “Christmas decorations” will be taken down and stored until the New Year. I love starting the new year fresh and that includes cleaning the house!

Ideas For Storing Christmas Decorations

Ideas For Storing Christmas Decorations

So, as I mentally prepare for this big organizational task, I’ve been looking for new ideas for storing and organizing our Christmas decorations this year…

How To Organize And Store Your Christmas Decor

I think you should start this process with CLEANSING! You know I’m a big fan of cleaning. So why keep things you know you’ll never use again? You can donate items now or store them in a labeled box to put with your decorations and then plan to donate next November.

Then sort, store and organize the rest of your holiday decorations. Here are some ideas to get you started on your way to a very clean and tidy Christmas cupboard…

Sort your Christmas decorations by color style and store them in large or extra large plastic bags. Then store them for a year in a large bag. Via Decor Adventures

Or invest in storage boxes that are already sorted for you. Some bags have separate sections; or you can use some cardboard to create your own sections. Via The Organized Homemaker

How To Store Christmas Decor • Neat House. Sweet Home®

An easy way to keep these more delicate pieces of jewelry safe is to wrap them in coffee filters before storing them for a year. Through the days of May

It’s also relatively easy to get hold of several divided jewelry boxes. This is great if you have glass or vintage jewelry that is particularly valuable. This split archival ornament box is available through Ultimate Christmas.

Just remember to label all your containers and bags so you know exactly what’s in them. This is especially important if you don’t want to pull everything out and search through all your bins when you start your Christmas decorating drive next year. I love this cute folder used for  Via I heart Organizing

Ideas For Storing Christmas Decorations

Most of us have excess cardboard waiting to be recycled after the holidays; who knew it would be so handy for storing lightweight items! Simply wrap your Christmas lights in pieces of cardboard and store them in your bag for a year. One perfect day later.

Tips For Storing Christmas Decorations

Or, if you want a slightly sturdier packing system, use rope and a lightweight roll-up backpack like this one from Amazon. They come in 4 sets.

Or pick up an extra bag to store all those lights! I love this handy and efficient Christmas tree light storage box via Amazon

We have kept all of our tree boxes and each year they are returned to storage in their original boxes. Although they are quite large and bulky, they are the perfect way to keep your tree clean and dust-free throughout the year. If you throw away your original box, you can buy tree storage bags through Amazon.

Wrap the crowns in a garbage bag or large plastic container to keep out bugs and dirt, or purchase a crown storage bag or plastic box. The bags tend to be more affordable and I love how you can easily see what crowns are inside the bag and this storage bag is clear at the top…

Budget Friendly Ways To Organize And Store Christmas Decorations

Alternatively, if you have closet or basement space, you can install a plastic rod to hang your wreaths from, like this example by Via Mande Anna Moseley.

I like to keep all my garlands in a large bag, grouped together by type (for example, we have some faux pine garlands and I keep them together, and we also have some red berry garlands that I keep separately in a small bag .

Collect the wrapping paper in a clear garment bag and hang it in your closet! Through a chic site

Ideas For Storing Christmas Decorations

Or keep the gift wrap together in a plastic box – it can go under the bed if you need access to it during the year; or store it with other Christmas decorations if you have a dry place to store it. Through BHG

Tips To Organize Christmas Decorations Post Holidays

This canvas gift bag keeps all your supplies together and ready to use next year! Via Amazon

Happy Housie is a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. If you click on an Amazon link, I may earn a commission on related purchases – free of charge to you. Thank you for your support! Scroll to top I learned a lot organizing our Christmas decorations. Thanks to my favorite organization store, The Container Store.

Two years ago I broke my leg a few days before Christmas. My family was kind enough to put everything up after Christmas and put all our Christmas decorations up on the third floor. Unfortunately, it has not been reorganized since then.

This year I wasn’t going to decorate our house with my Christmas decorations that are stored in many boxes. I’m also in desperate need of more space and it’s time to consolidate and launch. So I decided to organize everything now (as before, as I decorated). So where did I turn? I went to my favorite organized store, The Container Store.

Genius Ideas For Storing & Organizing Christmas Decor

I partnered with The Container Store on this project, but please note that all words, reviews, and opinions are my own.

The Container Store has everything you need to keep your holiday decorations safe and help you maximize your space. From decorations and trees to greenery and wreaths, The Container Store has a solution for all your holiday storage needs.

When I’m organizing, I’m an organizer who empties everything. So we moved all the Christmas boxes to the Carriage House and to the back road.

Ideas For Storing Christmas Decorations

I spent half a day moving everything from the driveway to the back yard. And soon I created a pile of trash that got bigger and bigger and bigger.

How To Organize Your Christmas Decorations With The Container Store

As you can see, I ordered quite a few items for Christmas decorations. Here is a list of everything I ordered.

I love the red and white Christmas storage box. These boxes contain everything. I used them for greenery and ornaments.

This bag is ideal for storing small items in boxes. I used this bag for gift wrapping and paper storage. Does it matter!

Our Christmas lights were rolled up and put into a ball, but they were a real mess.

Tips For Storing Your Christmas Ornaments

Have you ever noticed that the minute you take the tree out of the cereal box, it will never fit back into the box no matter how hard you try?

I would like to note that the packaging store has the highest quality wrapping paper. I absolutely love it.

This Red Jumbo Farmhouse Storage Bag is the best! I filled it with wrapping paper, but you can also use it for greenery, wreaths, and signs.

Ideas For Storing Christmas Decorations

Believe it or not, this box contained all my Christmas ribbons and a bunch of ornaments.

Ways To Organize And Store Holiday Decorations

I divide all my Christmas decorations into categories: ornaments, greenery, signs, lights, trees, metallics, pillows, blankets, fabrics, etc.

When I finished organizing, I closed everything up and put it in the Carriage House. Look how beautiful it looks. And I promise this is less than half of my recently organized decor.

A week later, I moved everything inside and started decorating our house. It was such a dream to decorate the house this year. All crates are labeled with rooms and items. I even found some jewelry that I hadn’t seen in years.

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Organization Tips For Storing Ornaments, Garland And Other Holiday Decorations

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