Best High End Audio Brands

Best High End Audio Brands – From sound quality to file handling, from hi-fi to home cinema, we break down the best high-end wireless speakers this year.

The quality of wireless speakers has exploded in recent years. What was once an inexpensive, mass-produced item has become a high-end necessity as audio companies outdo each other to produce the best wireless or Bluetooth speaker. If you want to get the best audio you can, we’ve got a comprehensive guide for you, including the best premium Bluetooth and wireless speakers of the year. For more information, see our high-end wireless speaker comparison chart and buying advice below the options. And to complete your kit, check out our article on the best high-end headphones.

Best High End Audio Brands

Best High End Audio Brands

We could write thousands of words about how good the second generation Naim Mu-so Qb is, but perhaps all we have to say is this: it ticks all the boxes we have for a truly great wireless speaker. In our opinion, the sound quality is good enough to challenge any stereo hi-fi system, providing clear, balanced and detailed sound. It has a wide range of connectivity options; if you can think of a way to stream music wirelessly, you’ll find it here. The design is also stellar. From the subtle curves of the speaker grilles to the giant illuminated volume knob on top, the Mu-so Qb is as beautiful as it is effective. In our opinion, it blows other single-box speakers like the Devialet Phantom II out of the water. It may not have the Phantom’s earth-shaking bass, but the overall sound is significantly better.

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The biggest downside to the second generation Naim Mu-so Qb is the control app, which you’ll need to listen to Tidal as well as music downloaded from digital inputs and servers. It’s a bit complicated to use and we often encountered lags and freezes. It’s also worth noting that the original Mu-so Qb is significantly cheaper. If you’re willing to deal with less power, slightly less accurate sound, and no remote, you can save a few hundred dollars. Naim also makes a larger rectangular version, simply called the Mu-so, but it’s more expensive (though probably better – there’s even a wood-framed version, which looks

We can’t think of a wireless speaker that performs this well at such an affordable price. The Klipsch The Three II may have a tricky name, but it’s a really good Bluetooth speaker that delivers surprisingly reliable and powerful sound for its small size. The design features typical Klipsch details: click switches and oversized buttons combined with a retro-style grille, making The Three II one of the best-designed wireless speakers out there. Its price has gone up a bit since this article was last updated, which is a bit of a bummer, but it’s still a sub-$500 speaker.

However, there is no Wi-Fi functionality. Klipsch The Three II is Bluetooth only (no optical or USB connectivity) and maxes out at 24-bit / 192kHz. As good as the sound is, those who crave ultimate clarity may find it a little rough around the edges. The Sonos Five or SVS Prime Wireless Pro are probably better options for this, although they cost a bit more. All in all, The Three II offers outstanding value and is one of the biggest hitters in the wireless world right now.

If you want to make your home theater wireless, then in our opinion, Sonos is the only company you should consider. Other manufacturers like Klipsch do their best (see below), but they can’t compete with Sonos. High-end wireless home theater is still in its infancy, and this package is the only two we feel confident enough to put on this list. This set consists of an Arc soundbar, Sub and two One SL surround speakers and is an absolute dream to set up and use. With no cables other than those to power the speakers, you’ll have a complete wireless 5.1 home theater setup in minutes. The sound quality is rich and powerful, easily on par with similarly priced wired sets.

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There are some limitations to the Sonos 5.1 Surround set. With only one HDMI eARC port, you’ll need a state-of-the-art TV to get full Dolby Atmos sound. That’s a real shame, as it limits the appeal of the Sonos set. It’s also frustrating that Sonos doesn’t offer any sort of Bluetooth streaming, which would be nice to have, especially at this price point. However, we stand by our original statement: for wireless home theater, the Sonos 5.1 Surround Set are the best speakers.

There are very few absolutes in the world of audio, but here’s a free one: No one, no one, does a multisom better than Sonos. Its newly upgraded Five speaker proves it. The SVS Prime Wireless Pro or Kanto TUK speakers below can offer better sound quality, and Naim’s top-ranked speaker can also be multi-room, but Sonos makes it easy to connect multiple speakers around the house. Its application is not secondary; for once, we mean this literally. If you want to deck out your home with great speakers and get everyone talking to each other, Sonos should be your first and only port of call.

However, the Sonos Five still has that sound quality problem. It’s perfectly acceptable, but sometimes it can feel a little too serious, even a touch bloated. If pure sound quality is your concern, the aforementioned SVS and Naim speakers are worth a look. However, if you’re looking for technological magic, this is the speaker to look for. It’s not the best high-end wireless speaker available, but it’s the best if you plan to buy more than one. And they work well in stereo pairs too.

Best High End Audio Brands

Kanto TUKs (ie tuck) look like a pair of traditional bookshelf speakers, but they have a few secret weapons. They have a much wider range of inputs and outputs than single-box speakers like the McIntosh RS250, and even include an optical input so you can use them for both home theater and hi-fi. Despite being Bluetooth only, the TUK speakers deliver decent sound quality, especially at the high end. This is due to its use of Air Motion Transformer tweeters to achieve this, unique among all the speakers here. You’ll buy these if you want a traditional two-speaker bookshelf setup but don’t want to compromise wireless sound. In that category, the TUK and KEF LS50 Wireless II, below, are by far the best choices, although we prefer the sound and usability of the TUK to the L50 Wireless II.

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One of the problems that Kanto has had with its speakers in the past, which unfortunately reappears here, is the volume control. Achieving accurate volume adjustments is nearly impossible, which can make using the TUK frustrating. Despite the good sound quality, the TUKs offer surprisingly low file sizes over Bluetooth: just 24-bit / 96 kHz, far less than the 24-bit / 384 kHz offered by the top-ranked Naim Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation, which is just a little more. expensive However, none of these issues stop the Kanto TUK from being the best wireless bookshelf option this year…

The Devialet Phantom II is one of those speakers that completely redefines what you think about audio. In our opinion, it has the best bass of any full-range speaker we’ve heard, that’s any speaker, not just wireless. The sound quality is excellent and the design, which dominates the show, is nothing short of beautiful. One of these will shake your house. Two of them working as a stereo pair, with those twin bass drivers popping in and out visibly, they’re going to destroy it.

The Devialet Phantom II is apparently the second version of the popular Phantom series and adds Apple AirPlay 2 as well as Roon Ready functionality. It comes in two different volume versions: 95dB (our pick here) and 98dB. One of the frustrations we had with the speaker was the lack of specs, including any file handling information. We’d love to tell you the size of the files it can handle, but we just don’t have that information. However, in terms of sound quality, it completely smokes other similarly priced speakers like the McIntosh RS200, below.

The Dali Callisto 6 C is a rare breed: a pair of wireless floorstanding speakers. These are becoming more common, such as Linn and Dynaudio, but can often cost five figures or more. Callisto 6 C are one of the few models that remain relatively affordable. If you want something with more depth and power than a box or book speaker system, this is the place to go. In our opinion, the Callisto 6C delivers exceptional sound quality, as you’d expect for the most expensive system here. Sound quality is richer and deeper than other similarly priced speakers, such as the Bowers & Wilkins Formation Duo, with a higher-end black background.

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