Mohawk Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Mohawk Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring – Vinyl plank flooring is an affordable, lightweight and durable flooring option for your home. We recently had Mohawk Vinyl Plank flooring installed in our home and wanted to do a review and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our flooring.

What we did was replace almost all the floors in the entire house (everywhere except the bathrooms).

Mohawk Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Mohawk Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

We’ve had a lot of questions about what we chose, why we chose it, and how we feel about it, so I wanted to give you a full update on our new Mohawk vinyl board. including the floors – we love them compared to what we had in our old house!

Mohawk Solidtech Select Explorers Cove Ecs21 139 Moon Shine Vinyl Plan

So buckle up and settle in, because this post is going to be full of juicy, question-and-answer-style information, including how much it cost us to install these floors!

The new flooring in our house is called luxury vinyl flooring. If you’ve been reading here for a while, you know that we installed luxury vinyl plank flooring in our old house and loved it. Basically, vinyl plank flooring is vinyl flooring that is made to look like hardwood. Instead of the big rolls you imagine when you think of vinyl flooring, it comes in long strips like a wooden plank. It can be peel and stick or glue, and often it can be installed on top of the old floor. It’s virtually waterproof, easy to replace if a part breaks, and much cheaper than other options.

In our old house, we used Style Selections flooring from Lowe’s in Antique Woodland Oak. It was a peel and stick floor and we installed it ourselves (more on that in a minute). In this house we went with Mohawk vinyl plank flooring – it was glued down and we had it professionally installed. Our installer didn’t mention the exact name of the product, but I did some research and I’m pretty sure it’s the color teak.

The biggest difference between the two, other than the brand, is that the vinyl plank flooring is installed with glue, while the flooring in the old house was glued down with peel (you can watch a video of how I installed it here).

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Another difference I noticed was the texture – the floor in the old house had a hand-scraped texture that mimicked real wood. He was not

It feels like wood, but felt less vinyl than you’d expect due to the texture on the boards. Mohawk flooring is almost completely smooth, meaning it feels just like you would expect from a vinyl plank. You also can’t see the joints of the planks clearly on this floor, which reduces the realism a bit (you can easily see the seams with a real hardwood floor).

In the old house, I installed the floor myself in almost every inch of the house. It was pretty easy to install myself (I promise!), but we did it for a few years – which meant we lived in the old house with floors we didn’t like until we replaced them.

Mohawk Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

We really wanted to avoid that in this house. The carpet was in really rough shape when we moved in and got used to it

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We still have the carpet so it drove us crazy. We knew we had to put in new flooring first (the carpet had stains and holes and it didn’t smell very nice), but we also knew it would take weeks or months to do it ourselves. – living in chaos before all is said and done.

A friend of mine is in real estate and gave me the number of a flooring installer – he said he gave them a really good deal and I might be surprised how affordable it is. When we contacted him and got the quote, we knew it was too good to be true. Instead of living with the chaos of renovations for a month or more, the entire project was completed in 3 days from start to finish. worth it.

The flooring itself is a bit more expensive than what I would have chosen for an older house ($0.98 per square foot for peel and stick vinyl, which is $1.25 per square foot).

As for the total cost, I paid just under $4,000 to rip out the old carpet and tile and level the floors (they stick to the concrete floor inside the house to make sure the floor is level, which I do.

Mohawk® High Performance Luxury Vinyl Plank

I did), new flooring was installed and quarter rounds were added to the baseboards inside the house. This is the total price including the floor itself. For reference, I had about 270 square feet of tile exposed (the rest was carpet) and 950 square feet of vinyl plank installed.

OH YES. I’m a huge DIYer and almost always choose to make something myself if it means I can save some money or learn a new skill. Honestly, if the floor in this house was in better shape, I probably would have tackled this setup myself.

However, since we had to do it in a hurry and wanted to do it all at once (not in stages like last time), it was better than having the floor installed professionally. Our installer and his team knocked out the entire project in three days, and I only had to do the living room.

Mohawk Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Another major advantage of having professional flooring installed is that they were able to save the baseboards inside the house – when we installed flooring in our old house, we replaced all the baseboards while we were working. For more than two years, we have lived without floorboards on the first floor of our house

Mohawk Luxury Vinyl Solidtech Franklin Color: Berkeley

No need to stress about the plinth method. I still have to paint the baseboards all over the house, but I have to paint them, but not install, cap,

And another thing to consider, the floor in our old house was a little imperfect. I’m not a professional and I’ve learned what I’m doing as I go. There are mistakes, the floorboards rub easily, and there was an area in the hallway where I just had carpet because the floor was so bad that I didn’t level it before I put in a new floor. Is it here? The floor was flawless, faultless, perfectly installed.

Need to! It’s a really simple project that I think even a novice DIYer can tackle. If you are interested in installing vinyl plank flooring yourself, here are some helpful posts:

The two bathrooms in this house are the only ones in the entire house that we decided to skip new flooring. Both are covered with the same floors that were here when we moved in. This floor works very well in the bathroom (it’s more or less waterproof, so there’s no reason to install it in the bathroom), but I wanted to keep our options open for designing our bathrooms with floor tiles. I love the look and feel of tile for bathrooms and am not so fond of the look of wood floors in bathrooms. So when we set out to renovate our bathrooms, it depends on our personal preferences based on the look we want.

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Mohawk Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

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