Auction Houses Near Me Furniture

Auction Houses Near Me Furniture – A month or so ago I received an email that left me speechless for about an hour… an invitation to be one of 4 interior bloggers to design a space at Christie’s auction house in South Kensington. The goal was to create a room using items from their November catalog…

It was a dream for me. When we were little, my sister and I would look through catalogs and choose clothes and furniture that we would buy bigger…only this time I got to play.

Auction Houses Near Me Furniture

Auction Houses Near Me Furniture

With such a summary, I decided to create a room for myself. I wanted to make it feel like friends and family are happy to sit and relax and chat, my son can play, and after a day’s work, I’m happy to take off my shoes and relax. Nothing was supposed to be perfect…just the housekeeper.

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So I started with the most comfortable sofa in the catalog, a tanned mid-century Percival Loffer. Not only was this chair really quirky, but it was also incredibly comfortable, a little worn in places, which added to its appeal.

Then I added a large, low-level coffee table that I could happily sit cross-legged on to eat something, paint with Alex, or use as a meditation altar. On the table I put a tray with some personal items from home, including a piece of amethyst I brought back from Glastonbury and some incense from Nag Champa.

A large beast of a bamboo plant was borrowed from Christie’s reception area. Bamboo was probably the most important element in creating a sense of comfort in this room. As soon as I saw the plant in the room, I felt more relaxed about the project. I also liked how the plant worked with the couch.

I chose Jungmann’s Dutch painting because I lived in Holland as a child and loved that wonderful light blue. Looking back, it’s something I wish I could take home. ….. I even considered a bank loan 🙂

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Of course it wouldn’t be fair to exclude my sister from playing this time, so she emailed the catalog to Lizzy to see what items she would choose and use a couple in the room…….the really important part. He was. It makes the room feel more personal, and it was nice to remember her and feel her support, in such a foreign environment. When we look around our homes, we are reminded of the people in our lives or the places we went to collect the things that truly make up “home.”

I’m really happy with how this room turned out. I had such a wonderful day. I also left with a new perspective on the Christies. To be honest, I always thought it was a bit suffocating, but it wasn’t at all!

The only thing I would probably change is to make the frames bigger. I love the colors and the ruined building, but this painting was a last minute choice because the two African paintings I had chosen could not be hung.

Auction Houses Near Me Furniture

Mid-century sofas, Moroccan lamps, funky Indian cushions… and the best team of people from the receptionist to the chef.

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Many thanks to Christie’s, South Kensington, especially Katie who organized the day. What a wonderful opportunity xx

Check out the full article (and my slightly rambling interview) on Christie’s website. It’s so interesting to see how different each of the 4 rooms turned out, considering we’re using items from the same catalog! Now, if you’ve followed this blog or my Instagram account for more than 5 minutes, you know I love bargains . A dump is a visit to a furniture auction. They are full of vintage items, some more amazing than others, but there are prices. My beautiful Narnia wardrobe? £45 my old towel rail? 15 pounds This is amazing. Do you want to be part of this revolution? Here are my top tips for buying furniture at auction rooms!

However, if you are considering buying at auction, you should be prepared. Here are my tips on how to get the most out of auctions.

1. Know your storage time. It seems like a no-brainer, but some auctions have regular sales, while others are temporary, when they have enough stock to make it worthwhile. If there is a mailing list or Instagram page, join it.

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2. Go to See. This is your chance to see if something is worth betting on, check the conditions and size things up. I dragged Mr. R on the last viewing day and reluctantly agreed that we needed a wardrobe and that what was for sale was very nice. Unfortunately, I forgot to measure it…

3. Measure the items! This is important because you need to know if it will fit in your home. If you are arranging shipping, they should also know the sizes. I had a lot of trouble communicating the size of our wardrobe to the messenger, who struggled to carry it up the stairs to our room. In the end I had to ask some local builders for help and they brought it. If I had measured, I would have known the size and probably anticipated this. I would still buy it!!

4. Organize transport. After the auction ends, you have a little time to remove items from the auction room. If you bought furniture, you should be able to take it home. I used a man and van service I found through Shiply, but you can rent a van yourself.

Auction Houses Near Me Furniture

5. Don’t forget the buyers premium. This surcharge is added to each item, usually around 15% of the retail price. I imagine it will go towards some of the auction costs, but it might be a bit of a shocker. Be sure to include this in your maximum offer.

Auction Room Furniture Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

6. Set a boundary for yourself. Decide how much you are willing to pay for something and stick with it! The auction moves quickly, and if you get involved, you may find you overpaid for something.

7. Take a notebook and a pen. Write as many numbers as you want. I walked around the room, wrote down the numbers and had a quick explanation of the item in question so I wouldn’t forget. And don’t forget to enjoy her and your new purchases!

A furniture auction is a great way to add character to your home without breaking the bank. Were these top tips helpful? Will you start watching furniture auctions? I wait!

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British & European Furniture At Auction

From pristine mid-century couches to trendsetting art that often graces gallery walls, there’s always something worth finding at auction to decorate your home.

Michael Thomas, Sydney auctioneer Raffan Kelaher & Thomas, says what makes auction houses special is that every week is different.

“I think the most important thing about the auction is that you never know what’s going to happen,” he explains.

Auction Houses Near Me Furniture

“What you buy at auction is sustainable and has a story behind it… Your home won’t look like an IKEA catalog and the pieces we sell are made to last,” she says.

Bishop & Miller Auctioneers

Chiara Curcio is Head of Decorative Arts and Interiors at Leonard Joel in Melbourne and has seen incredible antiques on the auction floor during her 12 years there.

Recently, we sold a 15th century Italian painting for over $100,000. We also sold a signed letter from [heroic 18th-century British naval commander] Horatio Nelson a few years ago – there are so many special pieces. He says we can see.

Thomas recently auctioned a surgeon’s table from the 1950s to the owner of a Sydney S&M store who intended to convert it for use in the pleasure industry.

Often, it’s the things you least expect that are worth the most: Curcio was once working with a client and discovered a rare item that brought him thousands of dollars.

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He was showing me some pieces that he thought would sell well at auction, and this was during covid, so

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