Apartment Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Apartment Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas – When it comes to decorating the kitchen, it’s something to think about. Value-added appliances—from convection ovens to wine coolers—should meet all your cooking needs.

Work with the decoration of the room. Then there’s the selection of unbreakable kitchen countertops and kitchen islands that can withstand all kinds of tests and spills. Given those decorating decisions, it makes sense that kitchen walls are often overlooked.

Apartment Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Apartment Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Since the kitchen is a high-traffic area, it is wise to approach it closer to the walls of the kitchen. No one wants to see their art collection accidentally smeared with flour or oil. An affordable way to add pattern to your cooking space: Consider covering the walls—not just the back—with brick. You can also add personality to the kitchen by pulling that heirloom ice cream collection out of your party cupboards and displaying it on open shelves in the kitchen breakfast area. You may even consider hiring a decorative artist to paint a unique border or wall throughout the room.

Kitchen Wall Decor For Added Beauty And Functionality

Whether you’re adding the finishing touches to a modern kitchen or a small cooking space or renovating an ad kitchen, you’re sure to be inspired by these wall decor ideas. Time to cook!

This Napa Valley kitchen’s combination of materials—white oak cabinets, gray slate countertops, and earthy brown tile—creates a simpler look on the walls. Designer Dan Fink placed a whimsical piece of bird art above the cooking space, alluding to the flying friends that visit the vineyard.

In his San Miguel home, designer Andrew Fisher brought a touch of artistry to the room by painting the kitchen’s floor-to-ceiling tiles with a hand-painted border. The floors are hand-fired using local terracotta.

Ground vegetables add warmth and energy, while carefully placed historic paintings give the kitchen of this 1920s Los Angeles home a distinctive feel. Designer Fran Keenan painted the cabinets Castle Gray by Farrow & Ball. The table top is made of Caesarstone.

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Decorator Todd Romano used Talavera tiles in a chevron pattern to create a new twist on traditional kitchen backsplashes. The dramatic look in this San Antonio kitchen is completed with black painted cabinets (Black, European American Paint).

The handmade tiles on the kitchen counter mimic the colors and details seen in the vibrant Moroccan and Cuban tile work throughout Sarah Gilben’s Sea Island, Georgia home. The hand cast iron bell jar lighting is from Formations. The table top is made of Caesarstone.

Designer Summer Thornton injected color, pattern and personality into this Naples, Florida kitchen with hand-painted de Gournay wallpaper that serves as a wall panel. The decorator achieved this look by placing a protective glass panel over the wallpaper to save it from getting messy from water and food. The leather chairs are from Moore & Giles.

Apartment Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Textile designer Richard Smith believes you should identify your most used room and celebrate it. For Smith, that means putting her favorite dishes on the stove and covering her English cottage kitchen with a rainbow tablecloth. “French paintings on the wall bring together different elements of the kitchen, look suitable for both summer and winter, and provide a colorful background for dinner,” he says often in the kitchen.

How To Fill A Blank Wall In Your Kitchen

Architect Peter Block designed the intimate kitchen in this Bryce Island cottage with windows that seem to reach higher than the ceiling. Bold wall sculptures draw attention and help keep the kitchen from feeling “boxy”. Faucets for water features are made of unvarnished brass.

In John Saladino’s Montecito home, a long-standing collection of Continental and English ice cream dishes adorns the kitchen wall above a 19th-century bookshelf. Thermador vent hood.

Glass windows decorated with decorative floral prints are perfect for the seating area of ​​this garden kitchen in a Los Angeles luxury property by designer Anthony Baratta. The chairs are from Style by Annick de Lorme.

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16 cabinet door ideas to brighten up any space 65 best colors to update your kitchen 13 best eco-friendly cleaning products 60 kitchen cabinet designs for every style Wall decor isn’t necessarily the first thing you think of when designing a kitchen, but just because just because it’s not as functional as an oven or a sink doesn’t mean it’s not essential to a cozy space and happy cooking. While storage and natural light are a priority on walls, there are many ways to save on kitchen wall decor. That’s why we’ve collected our favorite examples. When you see these 20 designer kitchens with stylish and creative art ideas, you will want to prioritize decorating the walls.

Apartment Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

In this deVOL kitchen with natural stone backsplashes and then separate shelves, artwork, lamps and figurines are displayed safely above the backsplash area. A splash of bright green paint contrasts with the dark blue cabinets in the lower right corner. When you’re not sure what kind of art you want in the kitchen, you can always rely on product themes.

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In this kitchen designed by Kim Dempster and Erin Martin, a cabinet for notes and reminders is lined with chalk paint and also serves as a canvas for creative expression!

Having to leave your pots and pans outside due to limited storage space? All the more reason to invest in good, beautiful cookware. In this kitchen by Sheila Bridges, hanging vessels are enhanced with contrasting artwork and bright blue wallpaper (those cast iron pigs are pretty too!).

In this kitchen designed by Arent & Pyke, decorative objects and decorative vessels are placed on open shelves that bring depth and interest to the walls. If you like a collectible, eclectic feel, zellige tiles and a mish-mash of art and objects are a good choice.

Of course, the kitchen may be small, but where there is a wall, there is a way. In fact, you can even add a few inches of wall space if you have a ladder. The bright wall in this kitchen by Commune Design is proof of that.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Designer Dee Murphy added a custom copper shelf between the Helman range and range hood to hold knickknacks and a mirror to make the room feel larger. She points out that keeping it clean doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance as you might think.

The ultra-smooth cement floors, stainless steel counters and gray stone island add some warmth to the red countertops and wood surfaces, but it’s the wall decor that really gives Give this kitchen the final polish by Arent & Pyke. Since it only occupies a small part of the wall, the floating shelf still fits the minimalist look. In addition, the asymmetry is definitely attractive. more,

If your kitchen wall has a lot of windows, consider adding a decorative item that doesn’t completely block out the light, like blackout curtains. This adds more personal style, even if you have little wall space to hang things. And, if you leave your shelves exposed, you can display a small piece of art behind the shelf, as Heidi Caillier did here. This also keeps it from splashing.

Apartment Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Disco dancing for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Yes, please. This kitchen was designed by ETC.etera for the Firehouse Hotel in LA. has mirrored wall panels to contrast with the usual textured boards. A metal wall and modern art make it even more so.

Five Ideas For Kitchen Decor

Designer Karen Swanson limited the number of upper cabinets she installed in this English countryside-inspired kitchen, explaining that “a lot of people want to cover a wall of cabinets, but doing so can make the kitchen look heavy and heavy.” .” Instead, he chose thin glass storage columns covered with matte varnish to illuminate the food containers, which also freed up wall space for large-scale works and diffused natural light. The colorful wall panel also had a decorative effect on the wall. has

A small framed nautical picture above the cabinet is a sweet surprise. Since the top covers almost the entire wall in this coastal kitchen designed by Kevin Isbell, the glass walls are accentuated by the patterned fabric.

A large-scale statement piece goes a long way, as illustrated in this California modern kitchen by Romanek Design Studio. The black background is a nod to the modern steel windows, while the green speaks to the beautiful scenery outside. If you’re working with a similarly light and airy space, consider a similar choice in artwork.

Designer Gary McBurney used Benjamin Moore’s Covington Blue to evoke the 1930s and ’40s, “something out of an old Bette Davis movie,” he says. And since this kitchen is right next to the water, he chose nautical art that spoke to it

Stunning Kitchen Decor Ideas To Elevate Your Home

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