Places To Rent In Malta

Places To Rent In Malta – Here are all the best places to rent an apartment or any type of property in Malta when you are on a short or long term holiday.

Where to rent an apartment in Malta? Like anywhere in the world, the rental market in Malta has its hot spots and up-and-comers. The key to finding a great Malta and Gozo rental or vacation rental property is to use a rental agent with experience and knowledge of the market.

Places To Rent In Malta

Places To Rent In Malta

Real estate agents know all the best value for money locations, and will be able to provide great insight to help you find the perfect vacation rental in your dream location.

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Whether you’re a family, a business professional, looking for a vacation rental, or a student enjoying island life, here’s a quick guide to the most sought-after areas and the best places to rent apartments. island rental.

Sliema and St Julian’s are among the most sought after areas for apartment rentals in Malta. This is because these modern places offer luxurious developments and excellent transport links ideal for all holiday rental tourists. However, if you want to look just a little further inside, great opportunities arise.

Located a five-minute drive from the seafront, San Gwan is another trendy place to rent an apartment in Malta. San Gwan is located next to Sliema and St Julian’s and is well connected with a bus service to and from Valletta, making it one of those areas where you can find a rental property in Malta that offers the most bang for your buck.

“For those clients who want to live in the most sought-after areas of Sliema and St. Julian but find them too expensive, San Guan is still a good option,” advises RE/MAX Assistant Regional Manager of Rentals, Michaela Tabona.

Grandeville At Malta

Going further inside reveals some good value for money locations. Most rental apartments in central areas tend to be more affordable for young people and offer a better standard of living.

Places like Nakkar, Birkirkara, Lija, Balzan and Attard have become very popular with people looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy seaside towns without being too far from the action. After all, this is Malta and the distances are never too far!

Similarly, places like Msida and Swattar also provide excellent opportunities for cheap holiday properties. The latter provides a suburban setting and is particularly close to the University of Malta and Mater Dei General Hospital. View apartments for rent in Msida and Swatara.

Places To Rent In Malta

Finally, if you are looking for an affordable apartment or any other type of vacation rental with a sea view, Malta has 136 km of coastline, with many towns dotted along the north coast. It can provide fantastic value for money for rental homes.

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Located in the northern part of Malta, these sites may be further away from the main areas of Valletta and Sliema, but that is part of their appeal. They are closer to the popular beaches of Malta, but are well connected to the rest of the island. Explore apartments for rent in the north.

As Michaela Tabone explains, “the northern areas of Saint Paul’s Bay, Xemdzija, Bugib and Kavra, as well as the southern areas of Marsaskala and Birzebug, are very popular with our foreign clients who are looking for affordable properties with a lifestyle.

Thank you for reading our article on the best places to rent an apartment or any other type of property in Malta. We hope it has given you all the information you need. Do not hesitate to visit our website, we have listed all the best apartments you can find in Malta. Short-term rentals consist of types of homes that are available for a short period of time. Find out more about these types of properties for rent in Malta.

Short term or holiday rentals consist of types of properties for rent in Malta and Gozo that are available for tourists or business people visiting Malta for a short period of time.

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These short-term rentals such as rental apartments can be an affordable alternative to a hotel room, especially when visiting Malta for a short stay as a family or a group. RE/MAX Malta has access to a large database of quality short-term or holiday rental properties to suit any taste or budget.

The rental property market in Malta offers a wide range of short term or holiday rentals. From beachside holiday apartments and city center studios ideal for business visits to independent villas perfect for families and luxury country houses ideal for romantic getaways, the rental market has properties to suit every customer need.

The properties are finished to a high standard, with good equipment. Many of our luxury properties have pool access and enjoy the view. They are also often found on or near Malta’s most popular promenades and shopping areas.

Places To Rent In Malta

There are also a large number of serviced apartments that are becoming more and more popular. They are usually part of luxury developments and offer five-star amenities and facilities, such as underground parking, landscaped gardens and access to community pools. Explore the most popular types of summer rentals in Malta and Gozo.

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There are many factors to consider when choosing a holiday property in Malta or Gozo. The main point of consideration is the purpose of your visit to Malta. Is the visit for pleasure or business? How many people will occupy the property? Is a rental property just a stopover until a more permanent residence can be acquired?

All these issues should be considered when approaching the short-term market. RE/MAX Malta allows associates to know what questions to ask to ensure they choose the best possible property for the right client for the right reasons.

RE/MAX Malta rental associates can also anticipate specific customer needs, in many cases before the customer raises the issue. For example, when we have helped many corporate clients visit Malta on business, we can build on the feedback received from countless visits so that we can immediately know which property is the most suitable for a particular business visit, saving time, energy and money.

When it comes to short stays in holiday apartments, the RE/MAX Malta Concierge Service plays a very useful role for many of our clients.

For Seeing And Being Seen, Sliema Is The Place To Be In Malta

Using our experience and large network of trusted contacts, we can plan, book and take care of any itinerary, so our clients won’t have to waste time trying to figure things out once on the island.

From airport transfers to restaurant tables to internet connection and mobile phone coverage, there is no request we cannot help to make your visit to Malta as pleasant and productive as possible.

Properties to rent in Malta and Gozo come in all shapes and sizes, depending on your location and budget. Our vacation rental database can answer most inquiries. Standard amenities in these vacation rentals include Wi-Fi and air conditioning, however, we can accommodate requests for ocean views, large entertaining spaces, cleaning services, private chefs, spa and wellness facilities and more.

Places To Rent In Malta

The minimum period for renting a short-term property in Malta or a holiday, for most places, is one week. Anything longer than six months is generally considered long-term. Read more about the difference between long-term and short-term property in Malta.

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The rental process is usually very simple and, thanks to the experience of RE/MAX Malta rental associates, can be resolved quickly and easily. We will guide you through the process from start to finish, ensuring that issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Rental properties in Malta are usually booked well in advance, especially during the summer months. Although our team specializes in finding hard-to-find apartments when everyone else is at a loss, booking in advance offers a greater choice and variety of properties available.

We understand that sometimes things happen at short notice and that’s why we guarantee an immediate response to any short request we receive. Renting is the main way to find a home here. Renting property in Malta is particularly popular with expats who make up a very large segment of tenants in the country.

This is partly because Malta is such a popular destination for expats, but also because there are no restrictions on foreigners renting property in Malta.

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Estate agents are sometimes used, but often properties are rented in Malta directly from the owner. On the tenant side, some property negotiators specialize in finding rental properties and can be hired to help with your search.

Finding a rental home can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. What is the best city? How much should I pay for rent? What length of lease can I expect?

All these questions (and more!) are answered in this invaluable overview of the details of rental properties in Malta.

Places To Rent In Malta

Valletta is the very busy capital of Malta. Between offices, government buildings and churches, there are quite a few rental properties here.

Short Term Rentals

Since the offer is limited to

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