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5 Effective Tips for Planning a Memorable Wedding

Creating a wedding party that gives a deep impression to the guests invited, of course, is a tiring and quite brain drain. However, you cannot deny that there are many people who look forward to your wedding reception and will wonder how good the wedding reception you are holding before finally coming to D-Day.

Because getting married is one of the most important and sacred events in life. Surely many of you who want to create this once-in-a-lifetime moment is very memorable. For example, by using the services of San Fran Limo.

Below, there are some tips at the beginning of wedding planning that you can do so that your happy moments run smoothly and will make a memorable experience.

Make a draft budget

This is the most important step in preparing for a wedding. Without a draft budget, your expenses might not be controlled later. Make a list of wedding needs, starting from the main things that must be prepared, until the budget for unexpected things.

Selection of dishes

Serving super-delicious dishes is one way to appreciate invited guests who come to your wedding. Well, you can reduce the cost of expenses for consumption by using catering that has worked with providers. Don’t forget to also adjust the portion of the dish to the number of guests you invite.

Installation of decorations

Nice decoration doesn’t have to be expensive. You can even use existing properties, such as using ornamental plants in your home, to making your own trinkets. You just have to design it according to the design you want, to beautify the aisle area and also your wedding event room.

Help from family or relatives

Who is not happy when at a special moment like marriage, surrounded and helped by special people in your life? In addition to the wedding organizer, you can also form a committee from your family or closest relatives to prepare various wedding needs that you cannot do or prepare yourself.

Prepare in advance

So that everything you plan for your wedding can go according to what you want, it’s good you prepare it at least a year before the day you set. So surely your preparation will also be more mature.