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6 Expert Tips on Bathroom Interior Design

Besides being one of the most important rooms in a house, bathrooms are also where we can unwind and relax after a long week. If you’re the type to treat yourself to a bubble bath or a hot shower, then surely, you want to do it in a room that’s also well-decorated and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re in the process of building your own home or just looking for a few ways to spruce up your bathroom, here are a few tips for you.

1. Glass dividers

Opaque dividers may help accent the room and allow for customisation, but these also close up the room and make it look smaller. Bathrooms usually aren’t that large, to begin with, so you want to give the illusion of space by using glass dividers or installing a clear frameless shower enclosure.

2. Soft lighting

Bright, white lights make bathrooms look too harsh and clinical. Instead, use primarily warm and soft lighting. Cove lighting or sconces give the room a more relaxing vibe and create the illusion of a higher ceiling and a wider space. Warm, dim lighting also has the effect of making us feel more relaxed, which is perfect for when you’re trying to unwind after a rough day. If you want to create the opposite effect for your morning showers, you can install a one-way window to let the sunlight in or ceiling lights with a separate light switch.

3. Large, diagonal floor tiles

Grid-like tiles can make your bathroom feel smaller. Installing tiles on a diagonal, and using larger tiles, can help make the room look wider.

4. Keep colours and patterns simple

Having too many colours and patterns in the bathroom can make it look too busy and isn’t suitable for a place meant for relaxation. Use white, beige, or grey for the majority of the room, then accent it with one or two additional colours. When selecting your sink cabinet or tiles, remember that patterns have a cumulative effect. When purchasing furniture or other accent pieces, make sure that each piece doesn’t clash with another.

5. Carve out niches for storage

Installing shelving or cabinets can take up a lot of space. By carving into the wall, you can create a space for your toiletries, towels, and other bathroom necessities without crowding the room.

6. Add art for a personalised touch

The bathroom, like any space in your home, is yours to make your own, so feel free to add elements that speak to you. It can be a painting, a decorative candle holder or diffuser, or even unique taps and knobs. Just make sure to exercise restraint to keep from combining clashing elements or cluttering up the space.

Remember that when it comes to aesthetics and interior design, all we have are tips, not rules. In the end, what matters is how you feel about the space. If you feel more relaxed in a room full of bright lights and colours, then, by all means, go for it!