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7 Characteristics of AC Freon Consumables That Can Endanger Yourself

Characteristics of freon AC run out can actually be easily known. Unfortunately, we may often underestimate it. In fact, this can be dangerous for health. Does Air Conditioning (AC) at home not work properly? Be careful, it could be a sign that the freon has run out. If your air conditioner is not work properly, you should immediately call the heating and cooling services to fix it. So that damage to the AC can be minimized. The name Freon may still sound strange. Well, what exactly is Freon? For more details, let’s first understand what Freon is.

Get to know Freon

Freon is one of several chemical compounds used in air conditioners, refrigerators, and others. Freon is usually used as a fluid to absorb the load of air conditioners or places where the air temperature is conditioned. Because it is included in chemical compounds or gases, freon has no color and no smell. Until now, no other compounds have been found that can replace the performance of Freon.

Is the AC Leaking or Discharged?

Exhausted or leaky Freon has quite dangerous side effects, it can even cause death. Some of the dangers include:

  • If you accidentally inhale freon, then what will happen is difficulty breathing and swelling of the throat.
  • In addition, inhaled freon can also irritate the eyes, nose, and tongue.
  • At a more serious stage, it can cause loss of vision, burning eyes, and burns of the esophagus.
  • If you breathe it in large quantities, can cause irregular heartbeat and cause death.

Characteristics of Freon AC Out

Seeing a number of dangers of freon, it is very necessary to check regularly to find out the condition of freon. The following is how to find out the sign of AC freon runs out or a leak occurs:

1. Characteristics of Freon AC Out of the Pipe

If the pipes in the air conditioner don’t feel cold, this could be due to the freon running out. In addition, the pipe in the air conditioner that does not emit frost also needs to watch out for. Because these things are characteristic of freon AC run out.

2. AC does not feel cold

Try to see if anything is different from how the AC works. The air conditioner should give off the cold air and make the room feel cool. Be careful, if you find the air conditioner does not feel cold, even though the temperature is set on the remote.

3. Water Leaks

The characteristics of the AC Freon Exhausted next is the occurrence of clumping on the AC evaporator. In addition, there is water leakage.

4. The outside of the air conditioner is not hot

AC has a section that is placed outside the house. For that, you also need to check this section. If the air on the outside of the air conditioner does not feel hot, this can also indicate the freon runs out.

5. The indicator light flashes

The air conditioner has a timer light indicator. From there, you can pay attention to the lights. The timer lamp indicator on the indoor AC unit is blinking, indicating there is a problem with some electronic components, freon pressure, or AC compressor. The flashing lights are usually caused by error signals received by the microprocessor IC from temperature sensors, pipe sensors, or fan motors.

6. Electricity Costs Swell

At some point, the AC may still be used, but the AC requires more extra effort to work. This extra effort requires a lot of energy during use. This can affect the electricity bills that swell. Routine checking on freon is one way to reduce the cost of electricity bills at home.

7. Feeling Symptoms of Poisoning

As mentioned before, freon contains compounds that are harmful to the body. If you feel the symptoms mentioned, it could indicate you are poisoning Freon. This compound is indeed colorless and smelly, so it is quite difficult to know. However, by checking regularly you can find out and prevent this from happening.