Dynasty Gallery adds candles to offerings

Dynasty Gallery adds candles to offerings

Dynasty Gallery showcased its Glisten+Glass candles at winter markets, including this display in Atlanta.

Sometimes a manufacturer’s best ideas can come from the outside.

For instance, take art glass producer Dynasty Gallery’s decision to add hand-poured candles to its offerings. CEO Linda Corrado says that direction stemmed from retailer feedback.

“Quite ironically, we hadn’t planned to develop any candle line; the suggestion, instead, came from our retailers,” Corrado told Home Accents Today. “In fact, one year ago, we introduced our Glisten+Glass Collection of hand-blown glass votives. This is a collection of decorative and functional vessels that coordinate with other art glass pieces in our line.  Our retailers felt that these votives begged to be turned into candles and kept urging us to create our own candle collection. I have to say, we are grateful for their vision. We really enjoyed the experience of exploring this new world of candles, something we’ve never done before. And the collection was met with the excitement and success our retailers had predicted.”

The Glisten+Glass candles are made of 100% soy wax with lead-free cotton wicks or wood wicks and fragrance oil blends. Each candle is poured in-house in Dynasty Gallery’s Mission District office in San Francisco.

“We have created a dedicated candle workshop where production happens and new miracles await,” Corrado said. “By the way, our office smells so good!!”

The candles retail for between $50 and $60. Corrado noted that when the wax is gone, the decorative art glass votive remains, creating additional value.

Dynasty Gallery showed the candles during the winter market cycle in Atlanta, Seattle, Los Angeles and Las Vegas and Corrado said the feedback from customers was “overwhelmingly positive.”

“We are so pleased but, in truth, we hadn’t expected such a swift and enthusiastic welcome to the world of candles,” she said. “At the same time, this has been a humbling experience as well; both retailers and sales reps share their invaluable expertise, experience and guidance, allowing us to meet the trends and needs of the market while adding exciting challenges that stir our creativity.”

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