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Foolproof Ways to Incorporate Masonry into Your Landscape Design

Very few people are familiar with what a masonry contractor does until one is needed for a project.  But, masonry can really elevate your landscape to the next level.

What is Masonry?

Masonry is the use of brick, stone, or other building materials to create external walls, partitions within a building, and decorative elements.

Masonry is such a beautiful and functional way to make your landscape design stand out. Masonry can be incorporated in many different ways throughout the design of your yard. Whether you are looking for something simple or more complicated, there are plenty of options. Here are some ideas on incorporating masonry into your landscape design!

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular, especially for those who love to entertain.  These are common outdoor elements in homes with good weather all year long but they are fast becoming common in all parts of the US as homeowners seek to expand their living space to the outdoors.

A great element to include with an outdoor kitchen remodel is a seating area or fireplace. A simple way to position this space is by using masonry pillars. This allows the area to be sheltered from wind, allowing your guests comfort when they are outside enjoying your yard.

This project adds a nice focal point to your yard and your guests will love it!

Not to mention, it allows you to entertain guests and cook great meals without overheating the house.


The placement of your walkways can give your landscape design a more organic look and feel.  They soften the look of your hardscaping and, depending on the materials used, can blend in with the design more naturally.

One great way to tie everything together is by using masonry pavers, like bluestone, throughout all of your paths. Communication between different areas in the yard will be much more fluid and you won’t feel like you are constantly walking through mud or grass that needs to be mowed.

These pavers are really easy to maintain too, so long as you have a path that is clear of anything sharp! They don’t require the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides to keep them looking fresh and new. These walkways will not only make your yard look amazing, but they will also last for years!


A stone or wood patio is a great addition to any landscape design.  It gives you the opportunity to have an open space where your family can eat dinner, entertain guests, or relax after a long day at work.

One of the most common ways to decorate your patio is by incorporating masonry elements into it’s design. This not only ties the surrounding design together but also makes your patio look more natural.

There are so many great features that you can include to enhance your patio further, like stone pillars or rock wall designs on either side of the stairs. These elements give your yard a more polished and finished look while also giving some protection from any potential falling branches or leaves.


A common trend in home design is to have a formal entryway for your house. This usually includes an extended walkway and ornate entryway. The keystone of the entryway is the large door with an overhang or even a porch depending on preference. Using masonry elements can really make this area pop and make your home stand out from the rest of the houses on your street.

One great idea is to have a retaining wall behind your entryway, especially if you have a small space for this feature. This will give some dimension and create a more natural look instead of just building a stone wall that looks too flat.

Another option is to completely fill the area except for a small peak at the top which will give your entryway more depth. Whatever you choose, adding masonry elements into the design is always a sure fire way to up your home’s curb appeal!


Columns are a classic design element.  Whether you have an outdoor kitchen with regular columns or your house has pillars holding up the roof, adding masonry elements can take the look to the next level.

The standard option is using stone or concrete columns at either side of your entryway or on your porch. Incorporating lighting in the design also is quite common practice with the use of columns.

Rock Walls

If you’re looking for a more natural look and feel, rocks are your best friend.  Rock Walls are a quintessential Hawaiian masonry project.  Look out to the great pastures or fields on the island and you will notice rock walls that act as property line markers and walls to keep cattle enclosed.

But they can also be used for projects in your residential landscape project.  They are beautiful and really bring out the natural beauty of your yard.

These rock walls are really easy to maintain as they are built using masonry skills and materials.  Materials such as rocks and stones are fire resistant and hardy, making them quite durable. This is what leads to masonry contractors Oahu being in such high demand year-round.

Masonry projects bring out the beauty of your yard and make it look more polished.  They are simple to maintain and will make a huge difference in the overall design of your home!

They are the perfect way to bring in the island aesthetic onto your property and a way to incorporate old-world techniques into your landscape design.