Functional Living Space Outdoors – Creating And Outdoor Living Room

Functional Living Space Outdoors – Creating And Outdoor Living Room

By Mary Ellen Ellis | December 30, 2020

A great outdoor living space goes well beyond a porch with a couple of chairs or a back deck with a grill and seating area. To really get the most out of an outdoor space, consider it another room in your house. For example, create a living room outdoors with everything you need to enjoy the space, from furniture to potted plants and even rugs.

Creating Living Space Outdoors

A perfect, functional outdoor living room isn’t hard to achieve. Here are 5 ways you can create an outdoor living space:

  • Create boundaries for the space. Rooms are bounded by walls indoors, and while you probably don’t want to wall off part of your garden, at least I wouldn’t, there are ways to divide space to create an obvious room. Doing so will make your outdoor living space cozier. A fence is one option, or even a low stone wall, but you don’t have to go that far. You can also use hedges, containers, planters, trellises and pergolas, climbing vines, and even outdoor furniture to outline a “room.”
  • Create a focal point. As you’re planning the boundaries of your room, consider a focal point. This could be something already in your garden, like a tree, or something you add, such as a fireplace or oven. Having this one point of reference will make the remainder of the design space easier. Everything else should complement it.
  • Choose the right furniture. A living space outdoors must have adequate seating and tables. For an outdoor living room, choose comfortable seating that is designed to withstand the elements. A couch and a couple of chairs, an outdoor ottoman, a couple of small tables, and some fun seating like a swing or a hammock, will make your outdoor living space great for relaxing and entertaining.
  • Ensure flow in the space. Design your outdoor space with functionality in mind. Make sure the arrangement of furniture, plants, and other elements doesn’t impede movement between the house, outdoor room and garden. It should be easy to get from one area to the other. Also, design the living space to take advantage of views. Set it up so that you can enjoy the rest of your garden wherever you’re sitting.
  • Add the finishing touches. Don’t forget the little details that will make your outdoor space feel more like a room. Add some art, sculptures, potted plants, and other decorative items that match your style and the feel you’re going for in your outside space. To save money, try scouring flea markets for items like old planters, benches, or architectural remnants.

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