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Garden Fence Decorations – Make Your Borders Glamourous!

Garden fences… maybe the most ignored element of our dear gardens. Yes, we tend to paint or stain them with some colours once in a while… just for the show. But let’s face it, it deserves more attention than we might think. How about revamping the defence line keeping away trespassers this spring? These below ideas will surely give a fresh look to your fences.

Pot Plants

This is a classic style to beautify your fences. Create a vertical garden along your borders with a selection of pot plants. Uniformity in this idea is the secret ingredient. A popular example would be terracotta pots with plants with flowers. Just make sure to secure them well in place!

Ornamental Trellis

Don’t get confused with the name, it is actually a work of art in itself. This idea involves setting up an iron fence against your wooden garden fence. Add a couple of climbing plants to finish the look. Ornamental Trellis is amongst the top favoured idea for fence decorations.

Rain Boots

Children grow quickly out of any kinds of shoes. This might apply for boots as well. Turn your old boots into fancy pots. A little soil in, a sprinkle of fertilisers and you’ll be growing some blooming flowers in no time. Just hang your cultivation on your fence to give it the glamour look it needed.

Mural Paintings

To your brushes! Painting fences are the most common way to decorate garden fences. But this time, go to the next level. If you know an artist or you want to draw out your inner Da Vinci, grab your colours and paint! It could be anything, from tree designs to a masterpiece depicting Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden!

Plate Composition

Have you got old plates that are no longer in use? Give them a new meaning by decorating your fences. Get some hooks or tools to secure them on your fence. Try to mix and match colours and sizes. Want to go the extra mile? Shatter some platters and arrange them in a gorgeous mosaic!

Photo Frames

Old frames or broken ones as well might be used to give a spring touch-up to your fences. Coat them with some colours and hang them. You might also go for a few climbing plants or vines on some frames to incorporate them in the setting of a garden. Or even better, grow grapes along the fence to give it a very-berry look!

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So, fellas, which of these ideas are you going for?