Mistakes on your resume

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There are things that make a resume much cheaper. Let’s talk about some of them.

Eliminate obscure acronyms

When you’ve been with a company for a long time, some of the acronyms they accept already seem so familiar that you write them on your resume. But they are unfamiliar to the recruiter, so very important information gets lost. Try to avoid acronyms wherever you can.

Paraphrase boilerplate phrases

Very often you want to be tempted to cram boilerplate phrases into your resume that can easily be found in any resume or job description. Avoid them, as they represent nothing to the recruiter.

Paraphrase, for example:

  • Result-oriented = always thinking about results in my work.
  • Customer centricity = the customer always comes first for me = I put the customer’s interests above my own personal interests.
  • Communicative = easily negotiate with any clients/colleagues = freely maintain conversation with clients.

Create a normal box

What separates a professional from a child? A professional names his mailbox by name and surname, while a child names it with childish words, nicknames from games and forums, date of birth.

And it is absolutely unacceptable to indicate your work box. Recruiter in this case will interpret this nuance as follows: I am fired from my job, and therefore I can not be afraid and send a resume from the work email.

Delete family status, it only interests visitors to dating sites

There is only one case where indicating marital status can play a positive role: if a young girl is looking for a job and wants to show that she will not go on maternity leave immediately after employment. In this case, it is possible to indicate the presence of children.

Options “common-law marriage”, “divorced” immediately cheapen the resume, as there are additional questions.

Explain the experience gap

You can’t just take a job gap and show it. You have to write exactly why it occurred. The “I’ll explain at the interview” option is not appropriate, as the recruiter, seeing the gap, will think the worst thing that could have happened.

If there was a maternity leave between two jobs – that’s how you should write it. By the way, if you had a maternity leave without taking another job, there is no point in writing it. You don’t need to emphasize it at the interview.

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