My Potted Plant Gift Surprise – Growing Indoor Flower Arrangements

My Potted Plant Gift Surprise – Growing Indoor Flower Arrangements

For those who celebrate the holiday, Christmas is a time of festivity and togetherness. As the snow continues to fall in many places, any thought of gardening is frequently moved to the back of the priority list. This does not mean, however, that holiday celebrations cannot be brightened through the use of indoor flower arrangements and potted plants.

Container plantings of a floral nature are sure to add a sense of cheer and appeal to any gathering. As it would turn out, exploring these plant options would be key in the discovery of a new plant that I truly enjoy growing – the phalaenopsis orchid.

Potted Plant Gift Surprise

By the time December arrives in my growing zone, conditions have chilled considerably. While there is not much to be done outdoors at this time, I found that I was consistently drawn to the thought of forcing bulbs and growing plants in indoor containers near a window. My initial love for flowers blooming around the holiday season began when I first grew amaryllis. Forcing these large blooms helped combat the seasonal lows I experienced not being able to work the soil. Soon, I would begin to experiment with other plants, too.

One year, I received a beautiful potted plant gift from a coworker. It was a Phalaenopsis orchid in full bloom. Worried that I would not be able to provide proper care for such a lovely plant specimen, I hesitantly thanked her for the gift and took it home. Immediately, I began to research the care that would be required for the orchid. I was pleasantly surprised to find the growing process to be fairly straightforward.

Once situated, I was overjoyed by the ease at which the plant thrived and how it added to my holiday décor. With a routine watering schedule, I was able to enjoy several weeks of the beautiful pure white blooms. Though the flowers of my other winter plants had long faded, my orchid continued to lift my spirits – even on the darkest of winter days. As the years passed, my small collection of orchids became larger and larger. I would have never imagined that such a small, thoughtful gift would have grown into a hobby that is so lovely!

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