Napa touts Wick-to-Flame candle among winter’s best

Napa touts Wick-to-Flame candle among winter’s best

Home décor wholesaler Napa Home & Garden officials say the company’s LightLi Wick-to-Flame candle topped its sales lists at markets during the just wrapped up winter cycle.

Shown in Dallas, Atlanta and Las Vegas, the flameless pillar candles show an unlit wick when turned off, but when activated a moving flame comes on, replicating the look of a lit candle.

“Retailers were mesmerized by Wick-To-Flame,” said Napa President KC Cunningham. “Once they saw the candle transform before their eyes, they had to have it. Wick-To-Flame addresses the need for an authentic candle appearance when the candle is off. Up to now, this has been the objection with flameless for some.”

Wick-To-Flame’s technology features a natural, dancing flame. The realistic look is further enhanced with an ivory wax body and a melted wax edge. Flameless candles are 100% worry-free; safe for kids, pets and late nights, and can be programmed.

Wick-To-Flame has a run-time of 500 hours and is compatible with the LightLi advanced 5-feature remote control. Wick-To-Flame can also be turned off by using the “blow out” feature: users can blow on the flame and the candle turns off, just like a traditional candle.

“The blow-out feature is simply amazing,” said Cunningham, “and it shows the innovation that LightLi is known for. Wick-To-Flame is the premium candle on the market. Retailers have told us their customers want the authenticity this candle delivers.”

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