Sagebrook Home announces launch of new PPE resource

Sagebrook Home announces launch of new PPE resource

Home accessory, lighting and furniture manufacturer Sagebrook Home announced the creation and launch of Comfort & Care Health Co., a sister company that offers personal protective equipment resources.

Marketing Director Serena Martin said the company built on its 35 years of importing and began sourcing PPE in February in order to provide those resources to the trade community and to support customers.

“We offer wholesale PPE supplies in bulk to all our Sagebrook Home customers and to other resale businesses,” Martin said. “Whether our customers want to ship a small amount of PPE with their home decor orders or if a business is strictly looking for a wholesale resource for PPE, we offer drop ship or LTL shipments from our Los Angeles distribution center.”

Products offered include facemasks, face shields, gloves, isolation gowns, safety glasses, touchless thermometers, hand sanitizers and more. As states begin reopening, Martin said helping customers feel comfortable in returning is in a store’s best interest.

“We know that the reopening process is going to take some time, and for consumers to feel safe to resume visiting businesses again,” she said. “We are hopeful that by providing our customers with wholesale PPE resources it will help their businesses to reopen safely and begin to prosper again.”

And while there are no markets on the calendar for a few more months, Sagebrook Home has insulated itself with a number of digital initiatives.

“(Customers) can still experience and shop from our extensive product selections while they are not able to attend a market,” Martin said, noting the following options:

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