water villa in bali

Unique Vacation in a Relaxing Bali Lodging

Want to enjoy a unique and luxurious vacation in Bali? Consider staying at one of the water villa in bali or an exceptional villa that allows you to swim immediately as soon as you step out of the room.

There are lots of unique lodgings that adopt the water villa concept. You can book most of these accommodations online. You don’t have to go all the way to the Maldives to enjoy a fun, classy vacation with your partner.

Unique Luxury and Romantic Lodgings

Water villa is a term used to describe lodging above the sea. Discover new experiences to enjoy the wild side of Bali with a touch of luxury. Here are some recommended villas you can choose from:

1. Villa Seminyak Estate & Spa

In Bali, many lodging offers a luxurious experience with a water villa concept in the building with private pools and lagoons. At Villa Seminyak Estate & Spa, there is a 60-meter-long lagoon in front of the bedroom window.

Choose Lagoon Villa at Villa Seminyak, located very close to Seminyak Beach. In addition to the swimming pool directly in front of the room, this villa also offers a luxurious interior. The bed is upstairs with high ceilings, and the bathroom is downstairs.

2. Villa Laksmana II

While staying at Villa Laksmana II, you will feel like a mermaid. This villa is perfect for tourists who like to soak in cold water. This unique villa is entirely surrounded by water, even before entering the villa, the first thing you see is water.

Right in front of the bedroom door, fresh water in the pool is ready to welcome your arrival. A wooden floor with wooden accents forms a bridge in the middle of the pool and is equipped with two bean bags that you can use to sit and enjoy the starry night.

3. Bambu Indah

For those of you who like nature-themed inns, Bambu Indah is the best accommodation to consider. The walls of the rooms and furniture are made of natural wood. The floor is made of glass with a unique and fantastic water view.

For example, the Udang House room, whose glass floor allows visitors to see the shrimp pond at the bottom. The very natural part of the bathroom has a glass ceiling that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the stars during a night bath.

After staying in one of the most comfortable water-themed villas, don’t forget to explore various tourist attractions in Bali. One of them is the Garuda Wisnu Kencana or gwk bali statue in South Kuta. Learn about the beautiful Balinese culture during your visit.