What’s the Point of Pergolas?

What’s the Point of Pergolas?

Pergolas in Daybreak, UT, outside Salt Lake City.
A pergola in Maryland

I saw way too much water-sucking landscaping when I was in Salt Lake City, but also some gorgeous pergolas in residential backyards. Lovely, huh? But what else do those structures provide?

Not much shade. And it gets hot there!

No protection from rain, which I understand they don’t get much of, so okay if you’re in the desert, I get it.

And compared to screened-in porches that are increasingly popular here in Maryland, they offer no protection against insects. Again my Utahn acquaintances assured me bugs aren’t a big problem there, either. (Can it be so?)

My bug-free porch

All of which makes me wonder – Are people happy with their pergolas? Do they ever wish it had a roof and some screening? I also wonder if their designer suggested it. Anyone know?

IF I lived in a relatively bug-free world, I might build a patio with a roof, like the ones shown above and here.

I’ll leave you with a shot of Pinterest results for “pergola ideas,” showing the bizarre shit that’s sometimes coughed up in searches, like phlegm. I’m totally old enough to take that seemingly random saggy-neck ad personally.

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