Why hire an electrician to install a new light fixture?

LED lighting fixtures

The United States saw 364,300 residential fires in 2021. This includes nearly 24,000 fires that were caused by electrical problems.

This is not a reason to leave your home-based electrical work. You can also do DIY projects like changing wall outlet covers and replacing bulbs. It’s quite different when you need to install a new fixture.

One mistake can make a job more expensive than it was. Installing the equipment yourself can be dangerous.

It is important to hire an electrician for this task.

Do you want to learn why lighting experts are so important? Let’s get started!

Licenses are required for all electrical work

A license is required for anyone who works in Texas with electricity. This covers both the installation and modification of existing systems.

To install new light fixtures, you will need to have a license.

Installation of new wiring, and taping to existing connections

To make the ceiling light fixture or wall light fixture work, you will need electricity. You will need to attach the fixture to your existing wiring. You may have to add wires to allow the fixture to be connected to existing wiring.

It is crucial to understand where each wire goes. Given the fact that there can be six or more wires in a switch box, it can be hard to determine which wire should go where.

It is important to be familiar with all the types of wires such as hot, neutral, and ground. You must ensure that the correct wires are used to connect the light fixture.

Confusing, right? Two of the biggest problems are flickering lights or difficulty getting your new fixture on and off. A single mistake in the connections can light a fire.

Support for ceiling or wall

Light fixtures can come in many sizes and shapes when it comes to weight. The heaviest fixtures are chandeliers. Ceiling fans with metal blades weigh more than those with lighter ceilings.

The additional weight should be supported by the location. This applies to both wall and ceiling light fixtures.

If you don’t know what to do, this can lead to your ceiling or wall falling down or giving way. This could lead to expensive repairs or even pose a safety risk. Hanging light fixtures can pose a danger because they can be placed right under people.

These are the reasons licensed electricians for lighting installation have the necessary skills and tools. They will first make sure the fixtures don’t weigh down on your walls or ceilings.

Special Fixtures Need Special Hardware

For fixtures that weigh more than 15 pounds, special electrical boxes will be required. If you don’t have one, a licensed electrician will install it for you. These boxes can support and hold fixtures up to 150 lbs.

Mounts for heavy fixtures will need to be used. These mounts will make sure that your costly fixture is safe and stable. These mounts can be installed by a trusted electrician.

The right Hanging Distance

You shouldn’t have your light fixtures too high or too low. The light fixtures should not be too low or high. They won’t properly illuminate the area if they are too dimmed. They could also be tripped over by people. Both are inefficient and use up electricity.

The right tools are available to professional electricians in order to measure the distance. It is important to measure the distance between ceiling lights and a work surface or table. To prevent accidents in high-traffic areas such as hallways, it is essential to have the right distance between the ceiling and the wall.

Make sure your fixtures are covered by a warranty

No matter how fancy the light fixtures are, they come with warranties. Professional installation is often required, as these warranties are usually mandatory. Even if you’re a licensed electrician, installing them yourself will be a violation of the warranty.

All of the services and products that professional electricians provide are covered by a guarantee. Professional electricians can install your light fixtures with greater confidence. If there are any problems with the work, this warranty will cover your additional costs.

A New Light Fixture May Need Extra Insulation

For ceiling or wall light fixtures, extra insulation might be necessary. Ceiling fans produce more heat so extra insulation is recommended. Heat is created by the fan’s light and movement.

An electrician can evaluate whether the ceiling or wall insulation is sufficient. If necessary, they can also install insulation.

Electricians offer value-added services

An electrician professional can assist you with any aspect of your electrical system.

These can help you determine how much energy you’ll save by using LED lighting fixtures. LED lighting consumes up to 75% less electricity than traditional lighting. They are also more cost-effective and efficient than traditional lighting. They last 25 times longer than incandescent lights.

An electrician licensed can tell you if the wiring in your home is in dire need of repair. They can tell if your new fixture has been connected to the home’s electrical wiring. They can also tell you if your electric panel needs to be replaced.

Safety is our number one priority

Some electrical projects can be completed by yourself, but others will require wiring. These DIY projects can cause fires in your home every 24 seconds.

An electrician licensed can install your new light fixture. This is the fastest way to install your new lights. This is also the best and most secure way to get your new lights. This should convince you to hire a professional.